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[2] Comparing Crisis Core & Final Fantasy VII

[2.1] Is it true that this game doesn’t have weapons/armor?
It’s true. However you get to use multiple accessories that act like armor. Though you start only two open slots, you can equip a total of four after completing a few missions.

[2.2] Is it true everyone has the same stats?
Everyone has the exact same stats. Absolute Steve has an FAQ based solely on this.

[2.3] Is there a way to skip cutscenes?
This is not Kingdom Hearts. No, we cannot skip.

[2.4] How many characters do I get to control?
One. Zack Fair.

[2.5] Is this Turn based like Final Fantasy VII?
No, they traded turn base combat for a more action oriented system.

[2.6] What can I expect from Action-based combat?
Though the changes seem small they really make a difference.

+Small areas such as catwalks and enclosed caverns make it harder to dodge and easier for the enemy to hit.
+Battle acts immediate rather then picking and choosing. A good example would be a mix between Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII.
+Enemies will no longer wait for you to attack.
+Magic’s changed to something similar to that of Kingdom Hearts. Where you cast a spell like Firaga and it acts like a fireball. Blizzard acts like an iceberg that appears overhead; your opponent needs to stand still for it to connect. Things like this determine the flow of battle.
+There is as much Command Materia as there is Magic Materia, Command’s drain a new stat called AP.
+It’s possible to extend HP/MP/AP through DMW (more on that later...)
+Large battlefield means a lot more enemies at once.
+Blocking and Dodging becomes the only way to avoid enemy attacks.

[2.7] What’s Materia Fusion?
Using the special points, SP, one can fuse two Materia together and make a whole new one. You can also fuse items after a certain point in the game (getting the item that allows item fusion.) Some Materia is easier to get through fusion.

[2.8] What kind of Command Materia will I see/won't see?
Before I go on to explain the Commands in Final Fantasy VII know since the battlefield has changed since the conversion to Action-based combat. You may scratch your head at some of the things I'm about to list but when you play, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Will see:
+Spin Attack (Plus)
+Jump (Plus)
+Status Attacks (Separated by Jump, Spin Attack, and regular attack forms)
+Elemental Swords
+Critical Slash (works like Deathblow except all the time)
+Exploding Sword (attacks with explosion)
+Blow Away (works like Remove or Whirlwind)
+Punch/Darkness (Attacks that ignore defense)

Spin Attack and Jump are the first basic Commands you'll receive. Spin Attack does what it says; Zack will spin around for a few moments dealing nearby damage to all enemies. While Jump, you ascend in mid-air unable to be seen by camera. Then after a minute you crash down dealing a far greater area of damage. The difference between these two is the timing, where Spin Attack acts immediately but Jump waits a few seconds. This could be hazardous because Jump gives the enemy time to move away (if it were that smart...) or change its position.

The elemental swords work like Magic. Starting as Fire Sword and Blizzard Sword they evolve into Firaga Sword and Blizzaga Sword. They act like element based weaponry giving you a wide range of weaknesses to exploit from the enemy.

Won't see:
-Enemy Skill
-W-Anything (Magic, Items, ect.)
-Sense (it's become Support Materia Libra)
-Throw (It's just Gil Toss now)