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[1] Information

[1.1] When will the game be released?
March 25, 2008


[1.2] I heard that this game is a prequel!
Yes, Crisis Core is a well done prequel in fact.

[1.3] Will this game ever be ported?
Don’t hold your breath. The best we’ll see is Crisis Core International.

[1.4] How long is this game?
When playing the story, it can be at the least fifteen hours long. However, if you plan on doing the missions, and I suggest you do, it can add up to sixty hours of extra gameplay.

[1.5] When does this game take place?
Seven years before the events of Final Fantasy VII.

[1.6] Will I see most of favorite characters from Final Fantasy VII?
Without revealing anything, yes, there are many characters from the original Final Fantasy VII that are present here.

[1.7] Do I need to play Final Fantasy VII to understand the storyline?
That’s difficult to say. Since this game is prequel I would hope not. If you’re not sure try getting the game on EBay, or searching through YouTube for videos. Final Fantasy VII is a great game despite the outdated graphics.

[1.8] How do I get the Limited Edition 10th Anniversary PSP?
At a time there were 77,777 PSP’s made with the Final Fantasy 10th anniversary logo it. Unfortunately for us, they’ve all been bought and sold out. Anyone who didn’t get one is out of luck. Try looking for it on EBay.

[1.9] Is there going to be dual audio?
Unfortunately for us, the voice actors (some of them) in the US version are pitiful compared to ones in the Japanese Crisis Core. Since then many wanted dual audio, Japanese voices with English Subtitles, included in the US release.

We do not have dual audio.

[1.10] Can I go online/change the controls with this game?
No to both. No, infrastructure mode nor ad-hoc mode are available in Crisis Core.