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Forenote: This is a compilation of information suggested by posters. If you see somewhere I haven’t go to; help me by posting tips, tricks, and resources relevant to the game. Know that you’re contribution will be added (along with your name credited.)

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

[1] Information
[1.1] When will the game be released?
[1.2] I heard that this game is a prequel!
[1.3] Will this game ever be ported?
[1.4] How long is this game?
[1.5] When does this game take place?
[1.6] Will I see most of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy VII?
[1.7] Do I need to play Final Fantasy VII to understand the storyline?
[1.8] How do I get the Limited Edition 10th Anniversary PSP?
[1.9] Is there going to be dual audio?
[1.10] Can I go online/change the controls with this game?

[2] Comparing Crisis Core & Final Fantasy VII
[2.1] Is it true that this game doesn’t have weapons/armor?
[2.2] Is it true everyone has the same stats?
[2.3] Is there a way to skip cutscenes?
[2.4] How many characters do I get to control?
[2.5] Is this Turn based like Final Fantasy VII?
[2.6] What can I expect from Action-based combat?
[2.7] What’s Materia Fusion?
[2.8] What kind of Command Materia will I see/won’t see?
[2.9] What kind of Magic Materia will I see/won’t see?
[2.10] What kind of Summon DMW Limits will we see/won’t see?
[2.11] What kind of Support Materia will we see/won’t see?
[2.12] What kind of Independent Materia will we see/won’t see?

[3] Gameplay
[3.1] Is the leveling system different?
[3.2] What is the battle system like?
[3.3] What’s Materia?
[3.4] Okay, HP and MP I get, but what’s AP do?
[3.5] What are accessories?
[3.6] What are shops?
[3.7] What is the D.M.W Reel?
[3.8] Do you lose SP the DMW spins?
[3.9] Do I get to play side-quests?
[3.10] Are there any miss-able things?
[3.11] I heard this game was easy, what gives?
[3.12] I’m new to Final Fantasy VII, what are Limit Breaks?
[3.13] I’m not new to Final Fantasy VII, how do I summon!?
[3.14] I got creamed by this boss, I you said the game was easy!
[3.15] Huh? Wait a sec! How come my max HP/MP/AP all increased?
[3.16] Can I get past the 9999/999/999 HP/MP/AP limit?
[3.17] What’s the best accessory?
[3.18] Are their still random battles?
[3.19] Is there a way to avoid battles?
[3.20] What’s New Game +?

[4] In-depth Gaming
[4.1] When do I get upgrades?
[4.2] Where exactly do I get Genji Equipment?
[4.3] Other then the Genji Equipment, what are some good accessories?
[4.4] Where do I get summons?
[4.5] How do I power level Materia?
[4.6] What is the best Materia set-up?

[5] The Side-Quests
[5.1] Missile Mini-game
[5.2] Green Light Extinguisher
[5.3] Wutai Spies
[5.4] The Seven Mysteries

[6] Ask & Answer (Spoilers)


Version History:
1.0 - 2/26/2008 First draft.
1.5 - 2/28/2008 Pre-release.
2.0 - 3/10/2008 New format. Added Comparison, In-depth, and Side quests sections.
2.5 - 4/7/2008 Added Ask & Answer section. Beware it contains spoilers hence the questions are unmarked on the Table of Contents.