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User Info: RazorX3

11 years ago#11
^ Chances are they will do a PS2/Wii port, like what they did with Spider-Man 3, just don't expect it to be as good as the Xbox 360/PS3 versions.

I am really excited for a Dark Knight videogame. Just saw the movie tonight and I was already beginning thoughts on how to make this Batman hit not just another super hero game (because he deserves more than that).

One idea I had was to have total freedom across Gotham city. Ofcourse, the game would only take place in the night (in the role of Batman, that is), and you should be able to go through the game at your own pace. You can use your batmobile or bike if you prefer to get across town. Maybe some of the later missions could feature the jet. I dunno. Also, this game shouldn't be another button mashing game, because while Batman is quite skilled in martial arts and quite immortal to a degree, he's not like spider-man or the hulk where he can kick an enemy and send them flying 20 feet back. There needs to be some depth, maybe stealth and such since Batman always gave me the illusion of a ninja. I'd like the combat to be upclose and personal, feeling more like taking part in a kung fu sequence. That would be cool.

Some other things would be to make use of weapons like the batarang to silence long range, unsuspecting foes. Also I personally think it would just rock to see Batman go up to an enemy, twist his wrists, flip him over and take his gun and start shooting people. It isn't really "the Batman way", but it is similar to one of the beginning scenes in The Dark Knight film (except I couldn't really tell if he really fired at anybody).

But just so long as the game has some vast freedom, and so long as it feels like Batman, I'll be happy with it.
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User Info: Myke56

11 years ago#12
I just saw the movie too and it was great. A free-roaming Batman game sounds interesting. Travel on foot, in the Batmobilee (Tank), or the motorcycle. Search for clues, interrogate criminals which would allow Batman to progress to the next objective.

I'd be very happy if the game also came out on the PS2. I know some aspects of the game aren't going to be as great as they will be on next-gen consoles. Oh well, just as long as I get to play as Batman.

Batman Begins was great but I too would like to see a more intricate combat system. I hope music from the movie is used in the game.
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User Info: hellschild90

11 years ago#13

for those wondering, Pandemic made Mercenaries and Mercenaries 2, they did work with the Star Wars Battlefront series, and a few others. now if they do make a Dark Knight video game and it is free roam, then that might be the greatest superhero game of all time.

User Info: Junior_Cigano

11 years ago#14
^ Agreed.

Like it was said countless times before, Batman is perfect for a free roaming video game. I really hope Pandemic is making this and that the rumor of a DVD-video game coincide release is true!
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User Info: zero777

11 years ago#15
There might not be one here's why.

TheManWithAPS2 wrote: No more Kingdom Hearts...? :( His response when I said KH was over for good and SE was working with Dreamworks.

User Info: slkdragon

11 years ago#16
I'd just like to add that I was playing Assassin's Creed earlier and realized a gameplay style like that tweaked for Nolan's version of Batman could be a pretty damn good game if thought out enough. If it were me, I wouldn't base it on the movie either, since we all know games based on movies tend to blow quite a bit. Sure, include elements from the film, but make it it's own project, tied to the others, but able to stand alone.

User Info: Junior_Cigano

11 years ago#17

^^ Interesting. Probably a major reason why it's release didn't coincide with the film. Hopefully they can get all the problems worked out!
A legend is nothing but fiction. Someone tells it, someone else remembers, everybody passes it on.-Solid Snake

User Info: scouttrooperbob

11 years ago#18
The makers of bioshock are working on batman archum asylum. I heard that they had to stop the making of the game because of money isues so lord knows when this game comes out if it comes out. But if you want to talk batman go to bat man archum asylum.
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