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  3. Recently went back to this game... It's really fun.

User Info: nonexistinghero

11 years ago#1
I was bored, decided to try this game once more. And all of a sudden, I'm addicted once again to marathon. So fun to pick up & play. Marathon is briliant. And there's few great tunes too. The game is not very big, but it's very polished and fun. I highly recommend picking it up if you can get it for cheap and don't have it yet.
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User Info: TokyoEAD

11 years ago#2
I agree this game is a classic. Very solid gameplay that will hold up for the ages. A real shame this is so overlooked, if it had come out 20 years ago I bet it would have sold 20 million copies.

User Info: alexnobody

11 years ago#3
It's a short little arcade game. The game itself doesn't last long (unless you play Endless mode and get really good at it.) and replay value is low, so I say it's a waste. Many agree with me. But, if repetition is your cup of tea, so is this.

User Info: maddawg

11 years ago#4
To me it's the first few levels of what COULD have been a classic, but it's like they only had time to do the first few levels then they had to ship it. Typical launch title.
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  2. Yoshi Touch & Go
  3. Recently went back to this game... It's really fun.
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