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User Info: xCha0s

11 years ago#1
even if its bargain bin, don't buy this game. i'm saving you here. if theres only one topic and it's telling you don't buy this game, i think it's pretty clear.

as long as we're clear....

User Info: moogles_kupo

11 years ago#2
you should be thankful for me to post a message on this topic..

oh, and yes, this game ends fast when you finish all the modes...

my rating: 4/10.....0000000

lol...only topic on this board.
currently playing- Crush (psp), Jump Ultimate Stars (ds), Pokemon pearl (ds) and Zelda (Wii).

User Info: Rango

11 years ago#3
Don't worry, I won't. Yoshi's Island DS isn't even that good. Terrible music.

User Info: dacheatcode

11 years ago#4
COTTON, u spleled fail rong.....nex tiem u decied 2 spel a wurd rong, i wil get on ur as sinc i haev nothign eles, -CastIevania

User Info: lakritsi

11 years ago#5
r4 revolution for life
habeeb it

User Info: Afxacid

11 years ago#6
I disagree. This game is excellent, and fun to play, what is your problem with it?

User Info: silver123456789

11 years ago#7
He probably thinks its to hard

User Info: huffyduffy

11 years ago#8

Recently bought and I am new here BADDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I give it a 5!

User Info: CooperF4

11 years ago#9
I disagree. I bought this game when it came out, and I still play it from time to time. I find it a lot of fun, and though I'm better than when I bought it, I still find it very challenging.

If you find it in the bargain bin it is a MUST buy if you like puzzle and platformer games because this one is a combination of both.

Great and very underrated title.

Yoshi's island DS is also a superb title, but quite different from this one.

User Info: xCha0s

11 years ago#10
theres no goal, it's just getting a high score and thats it. feels much like a tech demo.
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