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metroid composite 11 years ago#31
Actually, von bolt is one of the stronger COs,

Von Bolt is strong in one CO vs one CO, however the ridiculous time until his SCOP means any TCOP involving him will be seriously delayed. You can replace him with Eagle or Hawke if you want, but both of those could be argued to be around VB's power level anyway.

Actually, Hawke+Eagle is a thought, since they have a 70% tag multiplier and 18 star TCOP (though again, they're each decent on their own so you wouldn't be hurting too much).

maybe something like Adder/Flak?

Adder/Jugger would be easily weaker than Adder/Flak (who get a 105% TCOP bonus, and Flak has a shorter SCOP bar). And I'd probably put Lash/Jugger below Adder/Jugger (two more stars on the TCOP).

I'l REALLY laugh if someone couldn't win with a Colin-Hachi combo...

It's actually not a very good combo. Well...relatively speaking, but still.

Colin-Sasha >>> Colin-Hachi
Colin-Grit >> Colin-Hachi
Hachi-Sensei >> Colin-Hachi
Wouldn't surprise me if Nell-Rachel beat them (Windfall tends to be instant win, and their D2D is nasty thanks to 3 affinity stars). Similarly with Sonja-Kanbei. Both of these may depend on the map not being too large, though.

Colin-Hachi really isn't much stronger than solo-Colin. Barter is just flat out worse than Gold Rush in that team (you're lowering from an 80% cost to a 50% cost, which is a similar deal, but you don't even get to keep the unspent cash overflow, so it doesn't stack well with the Gold Rush stockpiling strategy).
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