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  3. is it ok to start with this game? (in the series)

User Info: agenttan

11 years ago#1
i haven't played the first two. i heard there is a continuation of a storyline (didn't want to read the review further due to spoilers).
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User Info: BillyCoenRE0

11 years ago#2
It's fine to start with this one, as far as story goes not a lot carries over from the previous games, just a little background on the armies and COs.
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User Info: Crunchyrock

11 years ago#3
I would encourage you to get the first 2. If anything, it will help you appreciate the third one more, plus it's cool to see how the people and units change as it goes

User Info: Meowgoocat

11 years ago#4
It's fine to start with this one. The story is practically non-existant, especially in terms of things carrying over.
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User Info: AkoaysiGOD

11 years ago#5
This is the best one that's come out so far. I'm just a fan of being able to do everything with just the touch screen.

As far as the story goes, screw it. I skipped through the story in all three games now. Unless you're 11 it won't be that cool. Even then it probably still sucks. The dialouge is horrid. The story is really the biggest downfall of the game. That and CO powers but that's a whole other issue.
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User Info: GameguruVIII

11 years ago#6
Woah, Muska, you're being pretty harsh there. The only dialogue that was considerably bad was anything that came out of Jake's mouth. And even then, his speech in the ending was alright.
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User Info: Booshalicious

11 years ago#7
Jake's dialogue was hilarious. The attempt to replicate the contemporary teenager failed so horribly I couldn't stop laughing.

Seriously. "Phat beats"... "Owned"... It could possibly only be beaten by "noob" in the Pokemon DS games.
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  3. is it ok to start with this game? (in the series)
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