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User Info: Punda_Prime

11 years ago#21
I wonder is there a CO ranking system for the best CO's for getting the best scores against the CPU?
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User Info: DTaeKim

11 years ago#22
That's a simple case of asking someone about it.
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User Info: Bronte_Baboonus

11 years ago#23
A CO should be designated as broken because of their inherent ability to defeat other COs on equal ground with incredible ease, not on their potential to compete against the other broken COs.

Surely under this assumption, Kanbei and Sensei are permissible to be considered broken.

User Info: DTaeKim

11 years ago#24
Sensei, perhaps.

Kanbei, not really. A mass damage CO can slice through Kanbei's defense.
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User Info: SpeedDemon20

11 years ago#25
I love the fact that Hachi can buy another SCOP by just sacrificing units.
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User Info: silentbobus

11 years ago#26
Well I decided to do the calculations, and it seems that the price of the indirect units is roughly proportional to the number of squares that the unit can target. So a regular artillery can target 20 squares and costs 6000, and a regular rocket can target 48 squares and costs 15000.

This means that Grit's artillery would cost 11000, and his rockets would cost 22000 if you could buy an equivalent unit. So either way, you are getting a very good value for those units, even better than Colin/Hiachi units. Of course Colin and Hiachi get their discounts on all units but still.

As a side note, Max's artillery would cost 2500, and his rockets, 8500. So... don't buy them!

User Info: bebibejita

11 years ago#27
I agree with the Colin at least. Van Bolt is balanced though

User Info: thomasgx1

11 years ago#28
Couple of points i wanted to make:

1) I too played only the computer (about 1000hrs) now i think on my ds (having played aw2) and can beat most of it pretty easily. I'm not so much into the stats but i know what works and what doesn't. (Still need a few war room s-ranks though). However, when dtk introduced me to Advance Wars By Web (online AW) i got beaten all the time. Reason was because i couldn't abuse the tag power AI and stuff so i had to learn to play in a completely - and i mean complete different way.

2) I played agame recently (thomasgx1 on awbw) called battle of the brokens where it was me as sensei vs three kanbei players (it was a small map where he is favoured) yet had many cities and bases and i won! (woop woop!)

3) I know all CO's have favourable match ups etc but the top three are broken because up against another CO they dont fail. Sensei is beaten by Sasha because he is largely only over powered due to his cop and scop.

4) I dont by the kindle thing, most of the time most maps wont have an abundance of cities and if they did you'd rarely leave units on them to suffer urban blight. I rarely lose against people who play her but i've recently got some games where i'm using her and i'm not sure how its going tbh.

5) I think Andy is "high". I play a very strong Andy game by using an in an out mechanism then SCOP'ing my way back into games.

User Info: Raegur

11 years ago#29
grit broken? more like lol air units
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User Info: DTaeKim

11 years ago#30
Except Grit's anti-air units are still capable of maiming the B-copters and Bombers sent in your direction.

And if you say Black Bombs, Grit can use them against you as well.
Dum spiro, spero.
As long as I breathe, I hope.
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