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User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
12 years ago#11
Just to allude to the note at the bottom. - Wars World News, The New Wars Series community.
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User Info: DreamPheonix

12 years ago#12
Silly Sickopuppie, it's Xenesis. X-E-N, E-S-I-S. Got it memorized? :P
Okay, too much sugar. Anyway, what else can we put here?
Oh yeah...


The CO levels, tiers, whatever you would like to refer to, are generalizations based upon the CO's stats and how they manage in competitive game-play. Certainly, there are numerous other factors to consider when determining a CO's overall usefulness, but that is just it- these are only overall rankings. For instance, Grit cannot compete well in a pure air battle given his stats, but maps containing only air units are very rare and typically using Grit on them is unrealistic. On the opposite end of the spectrum, many COs have a situation in which they will have a distinctive advantage over others; this does not make them broken in itself.

Going with Grit again, the majority of his units are rather weak, having 80% offense. On paper, by this notion, he should thus be at a handicap and be considered underpowered, and COs like Max and Grimm should be considered overpowered because their units are overpowered while their weaknesses are smaller in comparison. In actual game-play, Max and Grimm are actually at a disadvantage to Grit because the latter's specialty units are so good, and in part because Max and Grimm's weaknesses do not allow them to execute certain strategies well enough that are important to competitive play. Likewise, Jess is notably overpowered because she has many specialty units as well as CO Powers that remedy a problem for even her weaker units, not that they have much of a firepower reduction in the first place to balance Jess's strength.

Also understand that CO performance can be compared by how well they fare in certain stages of a game. For a more conventional example: Kanbei. His units have solid D2D (day to day) stats at 120% offense and defense in exchange for a logical shortcoming, that is, 20% extra costs. This generally means that Kanbei's capturing phase will be weak in certain maps because he cannot crank out enough infantry or transport units in time, but in the meta and late game and battles where these phases are accentuated such as on large maps with many cities compared to bases, he can gain momentum and overcome some instances of the enemy's quantiful army with his quality one if the conditions are right. He is certainly overpowered in pre-deployed scenarios, going back to the sheer advantages some COs have in certain situations but, as evidenced by his deployment ability, Kanbei is some ways away from being broken as a CO. That, and most games are more than pre-deployment battles. In the case of the Broken Trio, their abilities allow them to excel at any phase in any given game. Often times, these three COs can win battles with the same simple stratagem.

User Info: Hardtalk_13

12 years ago#13

But seriously, that's right. We don't need Tier arguments here.
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User Info: Misea

12 years ago#14
Another one for you, Xenesis...

22. Ahh! I'm stuck on Pincer Strike/Ring of Fire!

Pincer Strike-

Have Sasha in Blue Moon, and have her use Market Crash everytime the opponent is about to use a tag.

Ring Of Fire-

Use Grit on the lower front, and attack with rockets. Be sure to supply them often.

Javier might be a good choice for the top, or maybe Eagle, as when the top front is won, you can clean up with Eagle.
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User Info: TheGrahamVan

12 years ago#16
i think you should add in something about how terrain stars work, because many people don't understand it at all. i didn't until just yesterday.

How do terrain stars work?
Take the number of terrain stars your unit has (i.e. your tank is on a Woods tile, so therefore it has 2 stars) and multiply that number by your unit's HP. if you tank has 9 HP, and 2 terrain stars, then it will receive an 18% defense boost because 9 x 2 = 18. This means that a unit positioned on a Road tile will always receive the same amount of damage because it has no defense that can be lost.

maybe you can explain it better than i could, but its something that i believe should be covered. until yesterday i thought it was a flat 10% boost per star
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User Info: abyss_pollo

12 years ago#17
Question: How much day to day luck does the Force Rank Skill Lucky add?
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User Info: Bronte_Baboonus

12 years ago#18
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: abyss_pollo

12 years ago#19
*bumpo magnifico*
The Annoying Old Party Man grumbled about today's youth! It did not work on the Teddy Bear!

User Info: Bronte_Baboonus

12 years ago#20
Lucky adds +10 blanket luck.
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