Omega Sector is finally back!

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User Info: Verkins

8 months ago#1
Happy to see the Meso Rangers again, aka M-Forcers.
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User Info: Changlini

8 months ago#2
Omega Sector turned out to be my favorite Area that I could travel to back in my early days of adventuring across the Maple world. Too bad I burned out of from the game before lvl 100.

Glad that Omega Sector is getting more love though.
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User Info: SilentNinjaKij

8 months ago#3
Omega Sector had one of the few bgms that I liked back then. Glad its here again

User Info: cuteboi100

8 months ago#4
Oh my god, I remember when some people were trapped in Omega Sector and I protected them until they got halfway up the tower so they could use a town return scroll.
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User Info: pritesh_

7 months ago#5
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  3. Omega Sector is finally back!

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