[STICKY] Post-Chaos Training Spot Guide

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    Level 110+:

    -Lionheart Castle. This'll take you to 200. To get there, you have to head to El Nath (See White Pangs for how to get there) and move to Sharp Cliff 4. Take the top left portal, go a few maps right, and you're in LHC! It's a party-based training area, and you get bonus EXP for every party member. You'll be training at various monsters, all of which have extremely high HP and EXP. It's easily the best training area between 120 and 200, and it's one of the fastest from 110 to 120.

    Here's a section on LHC given to me by a user far more experienced than I - said user wishes to go unnamed, but his name is in the credits. Many thanks to him.

    Lion Heart Castle

    There are a few key factors to consider when training at Lion Heart Castle (LHC). These factors include party composition, mob control and where/when to train.

    + + + Party Composition + + +
    Every party must have Holy Symbol at the very least. Other invaluable party skills include Sharp Eyes, Combat Orders and Advanced Dark Aura. The support skills of others become crucial in high level training.

    + + + Mob Control + + +
    One important aspect of mob control is damage distribution. For example, a Mechanic will always have more damage per second (DPS) against a mob of 6 with Laser Blast than he will ever do on a mob of 1-2 with Missile Tank and Siege. Warriors will always deal more damage against a mob of 3-4 than they will against a mob of 1-2.

    Included under mob control, spawn control is an important factor to training (more of an issue @ Crockys that it is at Bearwolves). For example, if a party has no mobber and only single target DPSers, they shouldn't let large mobs accumulate on a single platform/floor.

    + + + Where to train + + +
    As far as deciding where to go within LHC and when, a player's damage range serves as a better criterion than level. This criterion varies widely as some classes have naturally high damage ranges. The following is a list of damage ranges most appropriate for each particular mob:
    Range max: 15k & under - - - Crockys
    Range max: 18k - 40k - - - - - -Bearwolves

    - Bear in mind that these ranges are not strictly held as other factors of training in LHC precede them in priority. Please use them only as general guides, and feel free to explore the limits of your character yourself.

    LHC addendum:
    - When you're still 110-120, LHC is often times faster than training at Dual Ghost Pirates. However, you may suffer pot burn.

    - While Crockys are slightly more efficient than Bearwolves in terms of HP/Exp, the Bearwolves map is more efficient because of its map design and you get hit less.

    - There are a few classes with large range mob skills that they can use to optimize their training in the Crocky's map. The Evans' Earthquake skill, Ice/Lightning Mage's Ice Strike skill, Fire/Poison Mage's explosion skill and the Dawn Warrior's Soul Driver skill (actually, please check this for SD and Explosion for 100% accuracy) can hit all four of the raised platforms if they use it in the middle of the map.

    - Castle Golems is no longer the best experience for the highest echelon of players. With the release of Future Henesys and Future Ereve, the Empress' Stronghold gives much better exp than LHC for top tier players (damage range of 50k and above).

    - Crockys and Bearwolves are the only mobs listed because they give the most efficient Exp/HP.

    - It should go without saying that you train here with a full party of 6 people, always. =)

    Thanks for that detailed section, Anonymous.