[STICKY] Post-Chaos Training Spot Guide

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    Level 70 to 90:

    -Jesters in the chimney are still great EXP until about 80. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

    -At about 72 or 73, you can move to the Desert of Serenity. From Sahel 2, take the upper left portal (If you number the 5 portals in this map from 1 to 5 starting from the left, this is portal number 2). This map contains Dark Sand Dwarves as well as Sand Rats, a level 84 monster. Flat map, great spawn, as you've come to expect from Magatia. This map gets slow at about 85. (Note: Secluded map, vulnerable to Ice)

    -At about 76 or 77, you can move to Mysterious Path 3 in Singapore. Go to the motorcycle lady in Singapore to move to Boat Quay Town, then head right through MP1 and MP2 to get to MP3. This map is as highly contested as Jesters, so the same logic about servers applies. The spawn is amazing, so any class with a mobbing skill will LOVE this map. This map will carry you to 90 and beyond. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Fire, Holy, Heal, Lightning)

    -At about 80, Roids and Neo Huroids in Magatia become a viable option. Go into the Alcadno lab in Magatia, then go to the C-2 map. It's a huge, flat map with excellent spawn. Mob class galore. (Note: Fairly crowded map)

    -At 70, you can go to Iron Mutaes in Magatia. Same lab as Roids, but you have to go to B-3 instead of C-2. I recommend Sahel 2 until about 72 or 73, then going to Mutaes.

    -At about 77, Galloperas become good. Go to Kampung Village through Singapore's aforementioned motorcycle lady, then go right until you get to Galloperas. Great mobbing monsters, plus it's a bit less populated than MP3. (Note: Fairly crowded map, vulnerable to Holy (see: not Heal))

    Level 90 to 100:

    -You can now go to Captains and Krus. Head to Herb Town (Vic Island -> Edelstein -> Orbis -> Mu Lung -> Herb Town) and go right until you see a portal at the top left of a map with pirate signs around it. Go in, then head to the nearby mini dungeon. Brilliant for mob classes. There's also Red-Nosed Pirate Den 2, which is generally better than the mini if you can get a channel. (Note: Secluded map)

    -MP3 is still goin' strong. Same with Roids and Gallos.

    Level 100 to 110:

    -Captains are still solid through to 105 or 106. Same goes for MP3.

    -At 103, you can head to Ghost Pirates in the bottom of the Ludi Clocktower. At 107, you can go to Dual Ghost Pirates, which is in a Hidden Street portal in the Ghost Pirates map (Top right portal). Excellent EXP for their level range, especially for mobile mobbing classes. (Note: Secluded map, weak to Fire)

    -Death Teddies and Master Death Teddies are in the bottom section of Ludi Clocktower, near to Ghost Pirates and DGPs. You can start DTs are about 105, and MDTs at about 108. (Note: Secluded map, weak to Fire, Holy, Heal)