[STICKY] Post-Chaos Training Spot Guide

    6 years ago #2
    -If you play on an empty server, you can go to Dead Scarecrows at 35. They're in the same chimney as Rotting Skeletons, one level above. These guys are especially good for ranged classes, because the spawn isn't super high. On a more populated server, you might have issues because everyone else at this busy map is a higher level. Wait until level 42 or so before trying to get a map if so. These are generally better than CDs or anything else in this level bracket if you can get a channel. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

    -Monster Carnival PQ can be great starting at about 35. Get there through the Dimensional Mirror and ask for a Rombot grind party. You can get almost a level every 10 minutes if your damage is good enough.

    -At about level 40, it becomes a good idea to go to Drakes in Sleepywood. Just go into SW and keep going farther until you find them. They're decent for both ranged and melee classes. (Note: Secluded map)

    -If you’re got a decent mob attack, Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I can be excellent for 35 to 50. Head through the middle rightmost portal from Orbis, then keep going up and right until you reach this map. (Note: Secluded map, vulnerable to Ice)

    -At about level 45, you can go to White Fangs at Ice Valley II. Go to El Nath (Vic -> Edelstein -> Orbis, then go down Orbis Tower. You can use a Return Scroll on the seventh floor or lower to get to El Nath) and take the Danger Zone Taxi. These guys mob up nicely. (Note: Secluded map, vulnerable to Fire)

    Level 50 to 60:

    -Robos in Ludibrium are amazing in this level range, especially for mobbing classes. Go into the Clocktower, head one level down, then go right until you reach the Aparatus Room.

    -Scarecrows are still good. Usually better than Robos, in fact, if you can get a channel. Robos are sometimes better for mobbing, slow moving classes who have trouble with the Scarecrow map, but that's about it. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

    -At about 55 you can head over to Twisted Jesters. The map you'll want to be at between 55 and 65 is the Toy Room - go up one level from the floor in the Foyer, take the farthest left door, then take the rightmost door on the upper floor. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

    -At about 56 or 57, Sand Rats in Magatia become a viable option. From Victoria Island, fly to Edelstein, then to Orbis, then to Ariant. Take the Camel Cab from the map just outside Ariant to get to Magatia, then take the portal underneath the FM entrance. These guys are in a tiny, flat map with a great spawn. Great for mobbing classes and melee classes. (Note: Fairly crowded map)

    -You can train on Voodoos and Hoodoos in the Haunted House starting at about 50. There's a map full of them on the third floor, after going into the rightmost portal. (Note: Secluded map, vulnerable to Heal)

    Level 60 to 70:

    -Jesters are still excellent. From about 64 or 65 you can move to the chimney map - this has a much larger spawn than the Toy Room, but is also highly contested between morons, KSers and hackers alike. More viable if you're in an empty server like Nova or Demethos. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

    -At about level 62, you can move up to Sahel 2, which is one map left of the Sand Rats map (Sahel 1) and contains Scorpions as well as Sand Rats.

    -At 60, you can go to Zeta Grays and Mateons in Omega Sector. They're generally inferior to Sand Rats and Jesters, IMO, but options are nice. There are flat maps full of Mateons, which mob up well, but Zeta Grays fly so they're more for ranged classes. (Note: Secluded map)