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User Info: EM_MapleStory

7 years ago#1

I’ll have notes after the descriptions of some training areas mentioning population, etc. Generally, the higher a map is on the crowded scale, the faster it is for the majority of classes. The reverse also applies - the slow the training for the average player, the less crowded the map will be. Here’s what they mean:

“Fairly crowded map” – There’ll generally be a few people here regardless of the time. It might be difficult to get a channel during peak times or during a boosted-EXP event.

“Extremely crowded map” – This map is often full even in the dead of night. Chances are, you won’t be able to get a channel. And going during peak times or 2x? Forget about it, unless you like KS wars.

“Secluded map” – This map will be empty, regardless of the time. You often won’t even see another soul, even during 2x. This also applies to mini-dungeons, because you’re the only one in yours.

Lastly, if there’s no description of crowdedness, which means it’s more crowded than a “Secluded map” but less than a “Fairly crowded” one. You know, about average population. This means that you’ll probably see a few other people, but it still won’t be an issue to get a channel regardless of time or events.

Level 1 to 10:

-Job quests. This goes without saying.

Level 10 to 20:

-Blue Ribbon Pigs. These are a few maps right of Nautilus harbor. (Note: Secluded map)

Level 20 to 25:

-Mixed Golems near Henesys are a decent spot. Go towards the Mushking Empire and stop in at the block-looking structure. There's a mini-dungeon of these guys. It’ll require a bit of jumping, better for ranged classes. (Note: Secluded map)

-You can also go to Rotting Skeletons in the chimney of NLC's Haunted House. They're great for this level range, especially for mobbing or melee classes. (Note: Vulnerable to Holy, Heal)

Level 25 to 30:

-Rotting Skeletons are still great.

-Starting at about level 25 you can start killing monsters in Kerning Square Mall. I like taking Cherry Bubble Tea on the first floor until about 28, then moving up to Mannequins to 30. These maps are all flat with good spawn, so they're great for mob classes. (Note: Secluded map)

Level 30 to 35:

-At level 30 you can go to CDs, on the top floor of Kerning Square Mall. Again, great spawn and a flat map make this map ideal for mob classes. (Note: Fairly crowded map)

-There's a good questline in the Mushroom Kingdom that will take you from level 30 to about 34 or 35, along with giving you a 1 ATK / 2 MATK glove and a +2 all stat medal. All classes should do this for the medal, IMO.
-Grinding on the Helmet Pepes and Royal Guard Pepes in the castle maps of the Mushking Empire can be effective in this range. Large, flat maps, good spawn. (Note: Secluded map)

Level 35 to 50:

-CDs are still excellent for mob classes, not that they're bad for other classes or anything. They begin to get slow around 45, but definitely doable until 50. (Note: Fairly crowded map)

User Info: EM_MapleStory

7 years ago#2
-If you play on an empty server, you can go to Dead Scarecrows at 35. They're in the same chimney as Rotting Skeletons, one level above. These guys are especially good for ranged classes, because the spawn isn't super high. On a more populated server, you might have issues because everyone else at this busy map is a higher level. Wait until level 42 or so before trying to get a map if so. These are generally better than CDs or anything else in this level bracket if you can get a channel. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

-Monster Carnival PQ can be great starting at about 35. Get there through the Dimensional Mirror and ask for a Rombot grind party. You can get almost a level every 10 minutes if your damage is good enough.

-At about level 40, it becomes a good idea to go to Drakes in Sleepywood. Just go into SW and keep going farther until you find them. They're decent for both ranged and melee classes. (Note: Secluded map)

-If you’re got a decent mob attack, Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I can be excellent for 35 to 50. Head through the middle rightmost portal from Orbis, then keep going up and right until you reach this map. (Note: Secluded map, vulnerable to Ice)

-At about level 45, you can go to White Fangs at Ice Valley II. Go to El Nath (Vic -> Edelstein -> Orbis, then go down Orbis Tower. You can use a Return Scroll on the seventh floor or lower to get to El Nath) and take the Danger Zone Taxi. These guys mob up nicely. (Note: Secluded map, vulnerable to Fire)

Level 50 to 60:

-Robos in Ludibrium are amazing in this level range, especially for mobbing classes. Go into the Clocktower, head one level down, then go right until you reach the Aparatus Room.

-Scarecrows are still good. Usually better than Robos, in fact, if you can get a channel. Robos are sometimes better for mobbing, slow moving classes who have trouble with the Scarecrow map, but that's about it. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

-At about 55 you can head over to Twisted Jesters. The map you'll want to be at between 55 and 65 is the Toy Room - go up one level from the floor in the Foyer, take the farthest left door, then take the rightmost door on the upper floor. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

-At about 56 or 57, Sand Rats in Magatia become a viable option. From Victoria Island, fly to Edelstein, then to Orbis, then to Ariant. Take the Camel Cab from the map just outside Ariant to get to Magatia, then take the portal underneath the FM entrance. These guys are in a tiny, flat map with a great spawn. Great for mobbing classes and melee classes. (Note: Fairly crowded map)

-You can train on Voodoos and Hoodoos in the Haunted House starting at about 50. There's a map full of them on the third floor, after going into the rightmost portal. (Note: Secluded map, vulnerable to Heal)

Level 60 to 70:

-Jesters are still excellent. From about 64 or 65 you can move to the chimney map - this has a much larger spawn than the Toy Room, but is also highly contested between morons, KSers and hackers alike. More viable if you're in an empty server like Nova or Demethos. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

-At about level 62, you can move up to Sahel 2, which is one map left of the Sand Rats map (Sahel 1) and contains Scorpions as well as Sand Rats.

-At 60, you can go to Zeta Grays and Mateons in Omega Sector. They're generally inferior to Sand Rats and Jesters, IMO, but options are nice. There are flat maps full of Mateons, which mob up well, but Zeta Grays fly so they're more for ranged classes. (Note: Secluded map)

User Info: EM_MapleStory

7 years ago#3
Level 70 to 90:

-Jesters in the chimney are still great EXP until about 80. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Heal)

-At about 72 or 73, you can move to the Desert of Serenity. From Sahel 2, take the upper left portal (If you number the 5 portals in this map from 1 to 5 starting from the left, this is portal number 2). This map contains Dark Sand Dwarves as well as Sand Rats, a level 84 monster. Flat map, great spawn, as you've come to expect from Magatia. This map gets slow at about 85. (Note: Secluded map, vulnerable to Ice)

-At about 76 or 77, you can move to Mysterious Path 3 in Singapore. Go to the motorcycle lady in Singapore to move to Boat Quay Town, then head right through MP1 and MP2 to get to MP3. This map is as highly contested as Jesters, so the same logic about servers applies. The spawn is amazing, so any class with a mobbing skill will LOVE this map. This map will carry you to 90 and beyond. (Note: EXTREMELY crowded map, vulnerable to Fire, Holy, Heal, Lightning)

-At about 80, Roids and Neo Huroids in Magatia become a viable option. Go into the Alcadno lab in Magatia, then go to the C-2 map. It's a huge, flat map with excellent spawn. Mob class galore. (Note: Fairly crowded map)

-At 70, you can go to Iron Mutaes in Magatia. Same lab as Roids, but you have to go to B-3 instead of C-2. I recommend Sahel 2 until about 72 or 73, then going to Mutaes.

-At about 77, Galloperas become good. Go to Kampung Village through Singapore's aforementioned motorcycle lady, then go right until you get to Galloperas. Great mobbing monsters, plus it's a bit less populated than MP3. (Note: Fairly crowded map, vulnerable to Holy (see: not Heal))

Level 90 to 100:

-You can now go to Captains and Krus. Head to Herb Town (Vic Island -> Edelstein -> Orbis -> Mu Lung -> Herb Town) and go right until you see a portal at the top left of a map with pirate signs around it. Go in, then head to the nearby mini dungeon. Brilliant for mob classes. There's also Red-Nosed Pirate Den 2, which is generally better than the mini if you can get a channel. (Note: Secluded map)

-MP3 is still goin' strong. Same with Roids and Gallos.

Level 100 to 110:

-Captains are still solid through to 105 or 106. Same goes for MP3.

-At 103, you can head to Ghost Pirates in the bottom of the Ludi Clocktower. At 107, you can go to Dual Ghost Pirates, which is in a Hidden Street portal in the Ghost Pirates map (Top right portal). Excellent EXP for their level range, especially for mobile mobbing classes. (Note: Secluded map, weak to Fire)

-Death Teddies and Master Death Teddies are in the bottom section of Ludi Clocktower, near to Ghost Pirates and DGPs. You can start DTs are about 105, and MDTs at about 108. (Note: Secluded map, weak to Fire, Holy, Heal)

User Info: saLUEtes

7 years ago#4
Amended credits in this one?
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User Info: EM_MapleStory

7 years ago#5
Level 110+:

-Lionheart Castle. This'll take you to 200. To get there, you have to head to El Nath (See White Pangs for how to get there) and move to Sharp Cliff 4. Take the top left portal, go a few maps right, and you're in LHC! It's a party-based training area, and you get bonus EXP for every party member. You'll be training at various monsters, all of which have extremely high HP and EXP. It's easily the best training area between 120 and 200, and it's one of the fastest from 110 to 120.

Here's a section on LHC given to me by a user far more experienced than I - said user wishes to go unnamed, but his name is in the credits. Many thanks to him.

Lion Heart Castle

There are a few key factors to consider when training at Lion Heart Castle (LHC). These factors include party composition, mob control and where/when to train.

+ + + Party Composition + + +
Every party must have Holy Symbol at the very least. Other invaluable party skills include Sharp Eyes, Combat Orders and Advanced Dark Aura. The support skills of others become crucial in high level training.

+ + + Mob Control + + +
One important aspect of mob control is damage distribution. For example, a Mechanic will always have more damage per second (DPS) against a mob of 6 with Laser Blast than he will ever do on a mob of 1-2 with Missile Tank and Siege. Warriors will always deal more damage against a mob of 3-4 than they will against a mob of 1-2.

Included under mob control, spawn control is an important factor to training (more of an issue @ Crockys that it is at Bearwolves). For example, if a party has no mobber and only single target DPSers, they shouldn't let large mobs accumulate on a single platform/floor.

+ + + Where to train + + +
As far as deciding where to go within LHC and when, a player's damage range serves as a better criterion than level. This criterion varies widely as some classes have naturally high damage ranges. The following is a list of damage ranges most appropriate for each particular mob:
Range max: 15k & under - - - Crockys
Range max: 18k - 40k - - - - - -Bearwolves

- Bear in mind that these ranges are not strictly held as other factors of training in LHC precede them in priority. Please use them only as general guides, and feel free to explore the limits of your character yourself.

LHC addendum:
- When you're still 110-120, LHC is often times faster than training at Dual Ghost Pirates. However, you may suffer pot burn.

- While Crockys are slightly more efficient than Bearwolves in terms of HP/Exp, the Bearwolves map is more efficient because of its map design and you get hit less.

- There are a few classes with large range mob skills that they can use to optimize their training in the Crocky's map. The Evans' Earthquake skill, Ice/Lightning Mage's Ice Strike skill, Fire/Poison Mage's explosion skill and the Dawn Warrior's Soul Driver skill (actually, please check this for SD and Explosion for 100% accuracy) can hit all four of the raised platforms if they use it in the middle of the map.

- Castle Golems is no longer the best experience for the highest echelon of players. With the release of Future Henesys and Future Ereve, the Empress' Stronghold gives much better exp than LHC for top tier players (damage range of 50k and above).

- Crockys and Bearwolves are the only mobs listed because they give the most efficient Exp/HP.

- It should go without saying that you train here with a full party of 6 people, always. =)

Thanks for that detailed section, Anonymous.

User Info: EM_MapleStory

7 years ago#6
As for the rest of the Level 110+ section, now that Lionheart Castle is out of the way:

-DGPs are still great until 115, if you can't go to LHC yet. MDTs are still decent as well.

-At level 140 or so, you can go to the Temple of Time. From Leafre, which you can fly to from Orbis, just go to the top of the station and talk to the dragonmaster. Fly all the way right to get to the ToT. There's a lot of boring quests available here, but they give decent EXP despite their monotony. The EXP is worse than LHC and there's a ton of hackers, but at least you can loot Pieces of Time which can sell for a decent amount. This map is often overrun by hackers and botters aiming for PoTs, so getting a free channel might be difficult. Depends on server. (Note: Fairly crowded map)


Level 30 to 120:

-PvP. Talk to Maximus in most towns to get to Battle Square. This will be monotonous and slow, but it's one way to get to 120. It can also give you good equips. Better when you're in the higher area of your level bracket (i.e. level 60 to 70, 110 to 120, etc etc)


These are all the people who've helped me refine this guide and correct misinformation so far. Some helped more than others, but they all contributed in their own fashion. This guide would not be here were it not for these users, so many thanks to all these guys.


User Info: EvilMewtwo

7 years ago#7
And that's all for the guide! Some ending notes:

This guide was full of glaring errors at the time the first draft was posted. Without the major assistance of many of the board members, this topic would not exist. Thanks to everyone who helped fix it, whether your name is in the credits or not, and most of all, thanks to everyone who's reading it.

Lastly, in the name of organization, SaLUEtes, please edit your post to read "Ignore this post" or something similar. You may repost the text of your current post in a new one; however, decluttering the final version of the guide is essential to presentation.
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User Info: MistressRarity

7 years ago#8
Well I'm glad you resolved your disputes with everypony around here. The guide definitely gains in usefulness from the acceptance of information given to you XD

User Info: End_of_Day

7 years ago#9
oh wow so you DO know how to clean up. niice niceee

its so beautifo
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User Info: Shad0w_Trainer

7 years ago#10
What about alternative training spots for those in the level 121-140 range where LHC is essentially dead?
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