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  3. On the towers in Lubidrium and Orbis, where do you get those scrolls?

User Info: Mushufasa_48

12 years ago#1
New to the game, and those towers look big o.O . I clicked on the crystals and the text box said I needed a scroll to teleport down the tower... Where do you find these scrolls? Thanks in advance!
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User Info: AnnaBananaa

12 years ago#2
For Eos (the one in Ludi), you get them from the guy on the 97th floor. He'll ask you to get X number of yellow propellers and X number of goggles.

For Orbis, you get them from the guy on like floor 10 in a little cave thing. He'll ask for 45 junior sentinel pieces, 20 blue and 20 red.

I think that's correct. Don't hold it against me if it's wrong.
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User Info: Permodius

12 years ago#3
30 Propellers/Goggles.
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User Info: neostp55

12 years ago#4
for Eos tower scrolls, you could also get them from the guy on the 3rd floor. his quest is even easier, kill 20 black rats and bring him 5 of the nuts they drop, and you get 20 scrolls.
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User Info: JohN247

12 years ago#5
You ALSO get Eos Tower Scrolls from another quest... I think it's just a talking one, but I forgot.



Roly-Poly 10 apparently has been skipping lunch these days because of heavy workload... I better check it out.

Requires Hard Walnut x5
Requires 20 Black Ratz killed

Roly-Poly 10 complained to me that he had been missing lunch lately because of the Black Ratzs that were all over Eos Tower. The angered Roly-Poly 10 wanted me to kill 20 Black Ratzs and bring him 5 Hard Walnuts.

Rewards Eos Rock Scroll x20

I was able to help out Roly-Poly 10, who had been missing lunch almost everyday because of the Black Ratzs invading Eos Tower, by killing off those Black Ratzs and giving him some walnuts in the process.
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  3. On the towers in Lubidrium and Orbis, where do you get those scrolls?
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