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User Info: FinalFLuver

3 years ago#1
So i just started and was wondering why there is a thread on the forum by OldGuy2, that mentions LOADING an end game from AToV??

From what ive read, this game is the 1st game in the Gagharv trilogy, and AToV is the SECOND game in the trilogy, so am i supposed to play the 2nd game first in order to complete the history???

also, are there any field items in this game (like chests?), similar to Trails in the Sky? The walkthrough is a bit hard to follow with huge word walls and none of the items bracketed off or capitalized in the guide for easy searching/reading
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User Info: TheQuestion2

3 years ago#2
For the English release we got this game after AToV. Loading an end save from AToV fills up some missing dates from the history. If you can stick with the the trilogy, then they will also have some bonuses when loaded up in Song of the Ocean.

And nope, for the majority of the game, there aren't any chests. None whatsoever, so no need to look. If I recall correctly, in the latter half of the game, there are two sections where there are, with a total of about 10 chests in the entire game.

User Info: FinalFLuver

3 years ago#3
thanks but i ended up deciding on playing A Tear of Vermillion first. So ill eventually be coming back to this game and ill be able to load the data for the history entries.

im surprised there arent many chest in this game? From what ive noticed about AToV, everything looks identical to PotMW, but AToV has chests in dungeons and world map areas. I wonder why they decided to take the chests out of PotMW?
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User Info: TheQuestion2

3 years ago#4
It is somewhat confusing. But A Tear of Vermilion is actually the second game in the trilogy.
Chronologically though it is the first, so I assume that was the cause for the switch around.

Not that they took the chests out, the game just didn't have much to begin with.
In return Moonlight Witch has some features which AToV lacks. Speeding up battles is one, as well as being able
to see info on attacks/skills/items while in battle, both welcome additions.

User Info: FinalFLuver

3 years ago#5
i stopped playing AToV today. Im a strict walkthrough follower, and the only guides for that game are bloody eyesores. I ended up missing some items (books) so i just decided to give up on it.

poorly written walkthroughs are my Kryptonite; completely ruins the game for me
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User Info: Cybuster_88

3 years ago#6
FinalFLuver posted...
i stopped playing AToV today.

Aw, too bad. :(
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User Info: oldguy2

3 years ago#7
The dates for all 3 games are available in the SotO in-game History list, if you imported history from saved games of the previous two games.
The correct Legend of Heroes (LoH) trilogy chronological date of occurrence (in years AG = After Gagharv): ToV Avin & Mile quest is year 936, SotO McBain Co. quest is year 943, and PotMW Jurio & Chris quest is year 992.
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User Info: helldew

3 years ago#8
i wouldnt worry about the extra stuff in TOV none of it matters like an extra sword with a couple extra points in damage isnt a big deal in that game cause its stupidly easy to get through normally. play TOV for its story and characters. the combat/sidequests are not the focus of the game you 100% do not need a guide to play through it nor should it control your enjoyment. the games story gets really good at a certain point so id say stick with it.
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User Info: FinalFLuver

3 years ago#9
helldew posted...
you 100% do not need a guide to play through it nor should it control your enjoyment.

i commented on someone elses comment in a different thread for a different game. He said the same thing. I do not enjoy games where i cant read something that informs me of future events (ie where to go, what to do next, where to find said item, etc)

I get frustrated, and 99.9% of the time, will quit the game (as i did here)

thats just the type of gamer i am. Mindlessly wandering around and not having a clue as to whether or not you are where you are supposed to be, is not fun in the slightest for me.

Thus, well written guides (in both content and visual appearance) are necessary for me.
Girls play video games too you know ;)
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