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  3. What do you think of this list? ("Games like Steambot Chronicles")

User Info: the_old_days

5 months ago#1

1) Rogue Galaxy
2) Final Fantasy XV
3) Dark Cloud
4) Final Fantasy VII
5) Valkyria Chronicles
6) Tales of Berseria
7) World of Final Fantasy
8) God Eater 2: Rage Burst
9) Kingdom Hearts 3

I guess maybe a few make sense, but when I look at this list I think, “did they even play Steambot Chronicles?”

Final Fantasy 7. Really?
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User Info: ShiningxWander

5 months ago#2
The similarity that these games have with Steambot Chronicles is that they are all games.
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User Info: _Green_Knight_

4 months ago#3
I've always heard that Dark Cloud has some comparisons to Steambot Chronicles.
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User Info: Razzee

2 months ago#4
I would add Metal Saga (sandbox RPG) and Sakura Wars: So Long My Love.

Steambot Chronicles and Valkyria Chronicles have more in common than the name, both are masterpieces of their own generations.

User Info: the_old_days

1 month ago#5
That’s true, they are both great games. I just got VC 4, though I haven’t really had time to play it yet.

User Info: Id the Demon

Id the Demon
1 month ago#6
MegaMan legends or misadventures of Tron bonne come to mind
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  3. What do you think of this list? ("Games like Steambot Chronicles")