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User Info: rizegreymon33

11 months ago#1
The curry bread is an item you may have found in Katamari47's Dating Guide and in-game book item called Simple Home Recipe.

You probably wonder how to get the said item in the game and believe me, I've spent hours of cooking in KE hideout during story arc only to find nothing.

Turns out, after all this time, you can actually get curry bread after you reach Fort Raven for the first time.

1. Buy turmeric from the spice merchant or Deloche Emporium in Fort Raven

2. Return to Nefroburg and sell the turmeric to Nefroburg Bakery via buy/sell option. The clerk will make comment about how turmeric has nice smell and he want to do some experiment with it.

3. Wait until one day and visit Nefroburg Bakery again, the clerk will give you free curry breads and you can buy it for 11 UR.

There you go. Now you can actually make the recipes in Simple Home Recipes with your dates.

User Info: Upstater

11 months ago#2
Thanks, I missed that.
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User Info: Chris505

10 months ago#3
So all this time... all those 12 years since I got this game... it was that simple...
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