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User Info: Xx_Shinigami_xX

2 years ago#1
Hi I need a savefile that works with pcsx2 that saves just right after the Dandelion Glitch. Originally I want to post my own savefile here, make someone play the scene and then save and reupload it here but I lost my save file due to harddrive malfunction So I need the someone to follow this Guide:


Specific Guide:
*Answer "Evening" in the third question
*Answer "Quietly hold her/him close" in the fourth question
*choose the cannon arm in hayabusa carpet mill
*tell connie you saw a blue thing
*choose the herbal burger food in the walkthrough
*Save before challenging the Boss of the killer elephant because he is tough and I want him defeated.
*please choose your answers wisely I want the "Hero" story not the Villain one

Will someone help a fellow gamer??

User Info: jeun

2 years ago#2
i actually managed to get through that cutscene by changing some settings in the pcsx2

all i did was went to config > video > ee/iop(it should be at the top) > then change the emotion engine to interpreter

do this right before you go in dandelions house as it really drops your framerate

If it didnt work , im terribly sorry as it worked fine for me.

User Info: Xx_Shinigami_xX

2 years ago#3
i'll try to do that, thank you sir
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