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User Info: Velvet-Star

3 years ago#1
I made a similar post in Rule of Rose's board, but I am currently looking for an official copy of the game manual for HG, since my used copy had not come with one (and I stupidly enough still paid a lot for it..). I am not looking to resell it anytime soon, but I am a collector and I like having things complete. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get the manual for this game?

I don't want to download and print out my own manual, so that option is automatically out in my case.

User Info: Atomos199

3 years ago#2
TBH, I don't think you'll manage to buy it on its own, esp. for such a niche game. It took me 3-4 years to find the manual for FF:Anthology on eBay, and that's a very common release in a huge franchise. In those 3-4 years, I only ever encountered 3 listings, and their prices were ridiculous (more than the complete game sometimes), except the last one I found (still cost $10, though, plus shipping...).
I never gained supreme ulti-complete status. I projected my mind ~3 years into the future and realized it was going to be a waste of time.
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User Info: tanukisuit

3 years ago#3
"And you feel good, you look good. F!@#, you are good!"
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