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User Info: Piklink

3 years ago#1
I'm playing this on a backwards compatible PS3, and something frustrating is happening. I just started the Riccardo segment, but for some reason, Hewie absolutely REFUSES to leave the room with the humonculous licking the floor. No matter what I do, call him, scold him, kick him, closing the doors and opening them again, kicking the humonculous, nothing's working. He just won't leave the room, and unfortunately, he's still in there when I save and restart. And I still need him for opening the barred door and getting the Godstone, so I'm pretty much stuck. Any ideas on what to do?

User Info: angry_cowtipper

3 years ago#2
Nope. No idea.
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User Info: Tigerfog

3 years ago#3
You are not alone.
I had the same issue with Hewie in that room. All I could do was load a previous save. :\
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User Info: Enetirnel

3 years ago#4
Have you tried going into a hiding place and leaving Fiona there until Hewie howls and is respawned closer?

If you leave the area as far and as long as possible and hide where Riccardo can't find you, Hewie should be respawned as the game will move Hewie closer to Fiona.

If this doesn't work then you'll have to reload from an earlier save I'm afraid as the AI is glitching.
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