more chases than normal?

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User Info: Capri chan

Capri chan
4 years ago#1
My sister is replaying this game for the first time in several years. (She's also not using AR Max for the first time).

She's still in the first part, with Debilitas as the stalker, and she's saying that she does not remember being chased this often before. I also recently watched a Let's Play of this game, and that guy didn't seem to be chased as often either.

I realize this may be a long shot, but I'm wondering if this is due to her now playing on an old backwards-compatible PS3. I've heard of certain older PC games becoming harder on newer computers due to a difference in processing speed. Is it possible that the PS3's more powerful hardware is influencing the game's Stalker Timer? Does anyone know if that's possible or not?

Or does she just have incredibly bad luck?

Incidentally, she is in a regular game, not NG+. Her old saves are unavailable at the moment, so she has no choice.
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User Info: NeonFXx

4 years ago#2
Most stalker chases are random, with only a few being automated by cut scenes. The first ever time I played Haunting Ground (regular PS2) I was chased by Debilitas almost non stop. Every other playthough, he's left me alone for the most part.
Youtube Let's Players often have different experiences with different stalkers, some being persistent and others leaving you alone. Katrinonus stated that Daniella was the easiest stalker for her as she almost never shows up when she speed runs though the area.
Different playthoughs = different experiences, that's the charm of this game. Just tell your sister that I had just as much trouble with the first stalker as she's currently having.
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User Info: New_Birdman

4 years ago#3
Making noise like footsteps, kicking things, and wandering around trigger stalkers. You'll find if you're new to the game and exploring they'll appear often.

In my speedruns I never see them outside of scripted events and a few instances of randomness.
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