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User Info: lovehate776

4 years ago#1
Too many puzzles, not enough survival, I'll pass on ever playing this game again. Shouldn't this game fall under puzzle genre?
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User Info: Enetirnel

4 years ago#2
Most classic survival horror games were focused on puzzles. If you were expecting RE4/RE5 type of stuff then I'm afraid you won't get that if you try Clock Tower, Rule of Rose or quite a lot of other ones considered classics and/or are also cult hits.
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User Info: New_Birdman

4 years ago#3
Are there really that many puzzles? Maybe because I only speedrun this game and just blast through, I don't notice anymore.

There are a few big ones like the block puzzle, the 3 dragon heads, using the alchemy machines to make the whatever stone for the scales, and the coloured pathways near the end.

Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment that would give some players a headache.

I found this game to be more survival than most others out there, though again after years of speedrunning I don't feel it any more but that's not the point.

It's impossible to please everyone. I used to see people complaining about the lack of puzzles in these games. No idea what people are saying these days.

You might enjoy the Siren games.

User Info: _Perfectionist

4 years ago#4
No there are not that many puzzles. You're exaggerating.
I wish I play this game again but it never made it to PSN.

User Info: RussRoulette

4 years ago#5
I love the classic survival horror. This is still one of my favorite games of all time. It was different to me. No guns. No skills on how to survive. She was just a normal individual stuck in a frightening situation. Her only companion was the dog she freed. Loved everything about it. The puzzles, the chase, the style. I was thinking about picking it up again, but it's priced at 75$ in most places I look. Sadly McVans Video game, a local video game dealer that dealt more with the old school stuff shut down. Now I need to order all my PS2 and SNES online. It's difficult.

User Info: KryptAngel

4 years ago#6
have no clue what definition of you have lead to seeing this game as having too many. Birdman covered all of them except the tranmuting the prima matera into the red godstone to leave the mansion level even you could can't them all on one hand. You'd absolutely HATE Rule of Rose if you felt HG was puzle heavy lol. You only absolutely need hewie's help in handful of situations in RoR you have to use canine companion likeevery 15 minutes to scent track your way to what you need to progress which get incredibly tedious after while.
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