Haunting Ground avatars?

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User Info: kangarooz

5 years ago#1
Any chance we might get some Haunting Ground avatars for our PSN profiles when this game comes out on the store? I'd rather see Debilitis' face rather than 10 different versions of Kratos' ugly face all the time.
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User Info: Enetirnel

5 years ago#2
Maybe, though no press materials regarding DEMENTO/Haunting Ground are really on the US, EU and a press group site they also use, no have SCEA, SCEE made any general statements on Haunting Ground coming to PSN outside of staff would personally like to see it.

I'd love to have some D/HG avatars on there to use though it's looking like it may depend as to what they're going to do with the game - release it individually, put up more classification submissions and release a Capcom PS2 classic game pack? Hard to say as there's been no real information for it to be honest.

But there were communication issues between SCEE and Capcom previously when it came to an avatar set promised as a pre-order bonus for the CVX/RE4 HD Port pack which upset quite a decent amount of users that had pre-ordered it to only get the avatars a few weeks to a month (if I recall correctly) late after the port pack was finally released on the EU SEN/PSN.

(That and other issues I mentioned in the other thread on here).
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