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User Info: creedorofl

7 months ago#1
There's a pretty good FAQ on this subject, but I thought I'd summarize some of the mechanics in a tl;dr version,
which should help if you're looking to grab rare parts or do RP farming.

• You can only collect RP and rare parts if you beat the simulator, or use an escape code.
If you choose 'give up', or you lose, you don't get to keep anything. You don't earn money either way.

• After you win (or use the escape code), you are taken to setup screen where you get some 'points'.
Each point lets you take back one part/item. Any unused points are converted to RP.
If you use the code to bail out before floor 10, you only get 4 points. But if you beat floor 10, you get 5.
If you beat floor 20, you get 6, and so on. Up to a max of 9 points.
In hard mode you get 100 floors, and beating the 100th gets you 10 points.

• You will also take back whatever you have equipped.

• If you win RP from a cargo box, you can't take it with you. You can only get RP from the unused points mentioned above.
So if you earn RP, use it to either upgrade the rare gear you want to keep, or use it on whatever helps you beat the sim.
Remodelling also costs CP, but you can sell less-useful parts you've won to get some cash.
Note that the tougher enemies you find on every 10th floor, often drop a crate with 1 RP inside.

• The escape code item randomly appears in one of the cargo boxes, or an enemy might drop one when it dies.
But the code will never appear until at least floor 8. So the way you farm RP is to use the quicksave feature on floor 7,
right before you exit the floor. Then look in the cargo boxes on floor 8 for an escape code.
If you don't find one, reset to the title screen, reload your quicksave, and try again.

Something I found useful: if you have another way to save the game's state besides quicksave (like a Game Shark),
then you can speed this up by walking up to floor 7's exit, then saving while the menu with the "ascend" option is open.

I have tested this method of 'save scumming' and confirmed that an escape code CAN randomly appear on floor 8 or 9 after
reloading this type of save. But you have to reload BEFORE exiting floor 7. Every time you reload and exit floor 7,
there's a chance that one of the boxes on floor 8, will have its usual contents replaced with an escape code.
The odds of this are low but not horrible. Maybe 10-15%. You shouldn't need to reload 20 times to make it happen.

The quickest option: once you're on 8, just walk to the nearest crate and inspect it.
If it's an escape code, great. If not, hit quickload and repeat. This is usually faster than playing out the rest of the level.

• You can walk up to a crate, use the cargo command to check it, then press X to cancel out of all your commands.
This way you can learn what's in a crate without committing to a movement or action.

• If you're tired of trying to get lucky with an escape code, you can just beat the sim.
You only have to beat 20 floors early in the game (up to the point where you have to destroy missile silos).
As you progress through the storyline missions, this requirement increases to 30, 40, and finally 50 floors.
In hard mode, the requirements are higher... 40 is the minimum, and it increases to 50, 60, 70, and eventually 100.
Floors 51-100 are only available in hard mode.

• The maps are not totally random, but the order of them is randomized, as is your starting position.
I think the crate and enemy positions are static. The crate contents are semi-random
(you can't win the really good stuff until later levels).
I think the contents are decided by the game as soon as you start the sim.
You can reload saves hoping to win an Escape Code, but I'm not sure if any other items can be 'save scummed'.

• Later on, some good gear is only dropped by enemies.

• Floors can be beaten by destroying all enemies, or running to the exit door.
You can destroy the exit door with grenades, so be careful.
When the floor has one enemy left, it will start chasing after you.
Floor 20 has no exit, you can only win by killing all enemies.
But it's not as hard as it first appears, as the enemies drop repair-all items.
Same deal for floor 30, 40, 50, etc.

• You can shoot crates, and they will blow up and harm nearby wanzers. The explosion covers 2 squares,
so even if you're standing diagonally to a crate, it can hurt you. Red crates cover a bigger 3 square area.
You can 'move' a crate by walking up to it, picking up the cargo, walking somewhere else,
then using the cargo command to drop the gear. The dropped gear will become an explosive crate once again.
You can use this to your advantage... pick up some crappy gear, drop it somewhere closer to the enemy.
Then lure the enemy near it, and shoot the crate.

• There's a difference between how many items you can carry on the battlefield, and how many you can stock in total.
Between levels, you can access a setup screen, and it shows all the parts you've gathered so far.
There's no limit to how many parts you can accumulate here.

But on the simulator map itself, your cargo capacity is limited. The limit is the same as the number of points you'd get,
if you used an Escape Code to leave the sim. So if you're on level 11, you get 5 points... so that means that on the map,
you can only carry 5 wanzer parts or special items. I don't think normal items (like Repair 300's) count, you can stockpile
as many as you want. But you can't gather up 15 crates worth of wanzer parts before exiting the level.
If you're maxed out and a crate has something you want, you can dump one of your less valuable items
by using the cargo command on an empty square.

User Info: creedorofl

7 months ago#2
realized I made a mistake - "You will also take back whatever you have equipped."

This should read you CAN take back the gear you have equipped. It isn't automatically given to you or anything.
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