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User Info: Spintactics

9 years ago#1
I know Legaia's guide has already covered the mechanics of how Damage Limit works on shields. I'm still a bit confused though because the translated in game tutorial has a different description.

Legaia's guide states that Damage Limit amount is the amount of damage subtracted from an incoming attack after Damage Cut is factored in as long as the final number isn't negative.

The translated in game tutorial states that Damage Limit is the max damage that Damage Cut can remove.

I was wondering if anyone could clarify on this? I'm more inclined to believe the second one, as it would make upgrading your shields more important.

User Info: fmfan76

9 years ago#2
it's a bit confusing, but damage limit is indeed separate from damage cut. the way i can describe it is that damage limit is fm1 and 2 shield mechanics, whereas damage cut is fm3 and 4 shield mechanics. fm1 and 2 shields directly reduced damage based on a value (attack does 30, shield blocks 25, damage is 5). fm3 and 4 shields reduce damage by percentage (attack does 30, shield cuts 50%, damage is 15). in fm5, damage limit only goes off if that value is exceeded by at least 1 point. otherwise, damage cut will go off instead.

if you have the best shield, SP-06, this is pretty clear because it has an extremely low damage limit, but a very high damage cut. big attacks that do over 300 won't be sliced in half because SP-06's damage limit is a mere 20 points at max. so, in this case, the big attack won't be reduced to 50% but by 20 points. basically, it's great for assault weapons but horrible against striker, gunner, and launcher weapons.

User Info: fmfan76

9 years ago#3
also, i don't know if you've been reading the topics, but the tutorials are being polished up so that translation might be something which the team overlooked. i'd imagine things will be cleared up in the final patch.

User Info: MoxHypKa

9 years ago#4
In other words, DamageLimit is the max damage, when DamageReducing % is applicable.
Well, when in goes a 300 dmg vs 20, you can't say, if those 20 were substracted because of armor value, or just for some randomized damage value (not 300 all the time, but say, 280-320).

User Info: LegaiaRules

9 years ago#5
I'll make this as easy as possible:

- if you want something that can block small damage well, go for SP06
- if you want something that can block big damage well, go for SN or WS
- if you want something that can block both to some degree, go for Light Shield
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