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User Info: w_z

11 years ago#51
yes, my mistake I hadn't time to check ImageDiff from the website myself appereantly you can get one here - http://ajax16384.dremora.com/ImageDiff.rar.(thanks to ArkGear)

User Info: slavikcc

11 years ago#52
Apologies for the long wait here. I've been away for some late holiday break. What's your e-mail address, w_z? I could send you one of my latest update to the pilot profiles if necessary.

Again, if anyone is willing to send me some translated dialogue, I can edited and fix up the flow of the game's storyline.

User Info: ArkGear

11 years ago#53
Played a bit of the patched version last night, pretty good. I've encountered no bugs save possibly an emulation error. Whenever I finish the tutorial battle, the point where the text that flashes the date and the location (Fort Monus) immediately closes my whole game. It's pretty annoying since I've tried all the GPU plugins and even SPU plugins, so it might just be a problem with the emulator.
Front Mission 5 English Interface RELEASED 01/01/08
Game Script translation IN PROGRESS

User Info: ArkGear

11 years ago#54
Yep, emulation error.
Front Mission 5 English Interface RELEASED 01/01/08
Game Script translation IN PROGRESS

User Info: DaedalusEx

11 years ago#55
Hey, great work! Surprised how much you guys got done.

Played around with it for a bit, everything seems solid.

I'd like to make some suggestions, if I may. First, on the briefing menu, I think the "Preview" option should really be labeled "Briefing" as that captures the function more accurately. Same for "Tactics"; all it does is display a map. Perhaps the option should be labeled "Map", "Tactical Map", "Mission Layout," or something along those lines.

Some more things, though these are mostly nitpicking: the wording for the descriptions of menu items is very informal. For example, "Setup your wanzers before you move out." For the sake of sounding more professional, the word "your" shouldn't really appear in any of the descriptions. A suggestion for the example might be "Wanzer configuration," "Manage Wanzers," or simply "Wanzer setup."

Things like that. Theres also a few minor typographical things, such as at the first arena menu where you specify how many pilots to enter. Currently it is "1pilot" etc., should be "1 Pilot". "Equiped" is also spelled wrong in 'Equipped skills' at the arena menu.

Forgive my nitpicking, just trying to offer some ways to polish it up a bit to seem like a professional level translation. Hope this helped.

Keep up the great work though! Looking forward to the next patch =)

User Info: w_z

11 years ago#56
2 Daedalus X

Yeah thanks for your advices - patch was very quick made so some mistake here and there are present, I've finished polishing menus including those you mentioned, as for the next patch I think there is no need to upload just because of this minor corrections, I'm hoping in some days or a week to upload a full translation of pre 1 mission or maybe more, we'll see %)

User Info: WinstonWiizy

11 years ago#57
Yeah I agree, the profiles and descriptions need a little polish. Some may just need a little rewording. For example stuff like:

"Damon Manfield
Tough on the surface but soft inside, he's with Walter during the 21st period."

could be reworded as

"His tough exterior belies his tender nature." etc.

I'm guessing there are limitations to how much text you could insert/replace as well? The box for the character profiles are tiny (I noticed Eric Henkin's profile description runs off the side of the frame a little).
And Of course considering how quickly the patch was released, no one expects everything to be perfect :)
I checked out DVDIMAGE.DAT...wow, 10,000 files lol, eeek!
Many people, when they run into a telephone pole, blame the pole.

User Info: transgen

11 years ago#58
I'm saito from TransGen,player98198 (the creator of the munge explorer),needs some help from you guys,he needs some data about the big.dat file,in order to fix his Front mission 5 plugin,you can check his website here:


That info should help him to upgrade the plugin to read file extensions,that way you'll have to browse less archives.

User Info: Vicious_KAT

11 years ago#59
Hi I was wondering if you still need help with the project. I'm a 4th year university Japanese student and I've spent 1 year studying Japanese in Japan. I contacted LegaiaRules through the Front Mission players facebook group but I haven't got any reply from him yet. Anyhow I'd be interested in doing some simple translation work, for example the non-cutscene dialogues.

User Info: willchu

11 years ago#60
to Vicious_KATI think he is out of town...
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