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User Info: Farel13

6 years ago#1
Hey guys, it's me.

Recently someone talked about me possibly re-recording some of my RS:MS videos, because some are of lower quality. While I do insist that the 480p videos should just be left as they are, since they make up the majority and all, there are a few videos that are just 240p, which is actually pretty poor. Those might deserve the proper treatment, and since my recording gizmo is totally whacked, I'd likely record using an emulator (I own the original game, so it's all legal)

Sooo, what I should record?
Sif - The first character I recorded, from the start, till the Dragon Knight and Saruin
Aldora - The bonus character. Raising her INT, and then all the scenes in the Netherworld

But.... do I need to? It seems like a hassle, I am busy, so...... let's analyze my options:
1) Someone else recording it!
2) Someone providing some cheat codes to get through the game rapidly
3) Someone providing finished save files to get through things faster (Aldora requires a finish playthrough)

I don't know, I feel tired,
7th January 2012 - I defeated 10 Fatestone Saruin! AWESOME!!!

User Info: Feathermind

6 years ago#2
I don't use codes myself, but when I was looking for new info I did bookmark this site:


It's got lots of codes for various uses, from changing equipment to current ER to activating events normally only available in repeat playthroughs. The one that most interested me was..

Art shop change
9CB81F18 385AE7xx

..which would change the spell shop the game loads, allowing you to access ones normally inaccessible, and avoiding some of the trickiness in cheating in spells since buying them through a shop will place them in the correct school and activate that school as normal. But for your purposes the ER changing and inventory/character modification codes will be the most useful sort.

Keep in mind all of these would likely be for the Japanese version. I don't know if anything has changed between versions as far as codes are concerned.

As for North American version codes, dogpanda was digging through memory addresses a while back though and uncovered a lot of interesting information, so that topic may be worth a look.


As for what to record, my vote goes to the Aldora scenes.

User Info: Zezana_Hautegam

6 years ago#3
My vote goes for Aldora too; but the gist of the character is the twin personnality, not recording true Darque would cleave the fun in half.

User Info: Farel13

6 years ago#4
I recall codes not working for both versions, althought seeing a code for Saruin's favor, does give me some faith that the codes for the other Gods do also exist, which would me that I could record the English versions of the Benedictions scenes... maybe...

Gosh, I do recall seeing codes for HP and the like, so I suppose all this is within grasp.
7th January 2012 - I defeated 10 Fatestone Saruin! AWESOME!!!

User Info: Farel13

6 years ago#5
I am being driven INSANE!
The file is called 239CF68A.pnach and it looks like this:

gametitle=Romancing SaGa (NTSC-U) (SLUS-21263)
comment=RSMS Codes
// Master

//game time

And it doesn't work!
The third master code is commented out because it causes the game to crash, it doesn't even launch. I try, toy around but NOTHING works! HEEEEEEELP!!!!
7th January 2012 - I defeated 10 Fatestone Saruin! AWESOME!!!

User Info: Farel13

6 years ago#6
PHEW Thank LORD, I did it, and it was a huge pain!
First off, these codes need to be put into the Cheat folder of PCSX2 in your Program Files folder. If your ISO of Romancing SaGa has a CRC of 239CF68A, then you dont need to change anything. Have a file called 239CF68A.pnach and have it contain this:

gametitle=Romancing SaGa (NTSC-U) (SLUS-21263)
comment=RSMS Codes
// Enable

//status code enabler
//STR Bonus
//VIT Bonus
//AGI Bonus

Get more codes by using Omniconvert, using the codes from this site
And utilizing them by pasting them into input in Omniconvert (MadCatz GameShark V5+) and selecting Raw/Unencrypted as the output. I put a // onto a few cheats, as I don't want them, but feel free to remove them!
7th January 2012 - I defeated 10 Fatestone Saruin! AWESOME!!!
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