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User Info: Stepswordsman

7 years ago#1
Nice FAQ. Are you going to update it with more general tips later, or is it intended to be a "Beginner's Guide"?

Also, I couldn't read it too carefully, but I think there is a mistake about the process changing generals: displeasing your current commander doesn't help you change one, only raising your target general's affection towards you does. I'm not sure if doing the repeatable quests they offer does anything, but there is a hard one-time quest they offer which, when S-Ranked, allows you to switch right away, and just raises their affection on lower ranks. Failing that, fighting (and preferably winning) alongside said general during the faction wars (forgot what are they called) also raises it.
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User Info: blasster

7 years ago#2
Well, when I was first writing the guide, it is originally intended only to guide new player until they can reach field general because I notice the community there nowadays are not....., too friendly or so to speak.

They tend to kick players that is lower than general rank due to not having a maximum number of weapon tempers, so the least I think I could help is writing this guide to effectively guide a completely new player until field general rank.

The tips are basically there as my opinion what players should know step by step, along with the most commonly asked question. Can't hurt if they want to know more rather than just focusing on honor gathering I guess.

At this point, I'm not sure what should I add more to the guide because there is wiki for this game out there that list weapon/gear/item stats and such; but I am writing what you could say as the "strategy or tips" for each melee type atm, and other weapons that are well suited for them in next update (capture, defeat, confront, treasure, fighting).

And yes, perhaps my info on changing general is wrong, because I never did it myself, but always heard how hard it is to appeal to the general you want to change into and purposely upset your current one (if "purposely upsetting" part is not needed, I will correct it on next update, thanks).

I guess the point in that tip is more just like, "think before you choose, don't just choose on a whim and think it is easy to change later".

Thanks for the feedback. :D
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