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User Info: spardaryuk

1 year ago#1
Hey everyone. This is probably going to be a long one. If you stick to the end and can lend me a hand, thank you.

I've been playing the game on my 8 year old rig with the lowest possible settings PCSX2 has to offer. I've already played on my ps2 10 years ago. I decided I wanted to come back to the game after seeing the ps4 remake.

I beat NTA and HTA already. But theres this issues I've had with Avion (#5) that pretty much won't let me sleep at night. The thing is, the battle is practically unplayable because of strange things that happen to Wander while he is on top of Avion. These "strange things" surely are not intended as they totally break the game flow and make NTA and HTA near impossible. I've watched tens of videos on youtube where people fight Avion, and in none of them have I seen the things that happen in my game.

Here's the list of f***ed up stuff, explained to the best of my ability

1. When Wander walks on Avion, be it on his hair or his bald spots, he is meant to be affected by the incoming wind. However, in my version of the game, this wind behaves differently than in all the videos I've seen on youtube (this includes many ps2 releases, pcsx2 emulations, as well as the ps3 and ps4 versions). Wander will constantly lose equilibrium, fall down and roll because of the wind just like he does when struck by the wind at the entrance of the forbidden lands, or when... you know when... I'd rather not spoil. This is so obnoxious that the only way to cross to the tip of Avion's wings without falling is to roll. Walking normally or slowly (by holding the grip button) wont prevent Wander from falling down.

2. When on top of the vitals on the wings, Wander will be unable to charge a normal sword attack despite it being the right time to do so (no harsh wind, no wing flapping). Again, in all youtube videos I've seen people be able to charge and attack normally, like you would with any other colossus in the game. In my game, Wander is unable to do this because he will constantly go on a weird animation that makes him let go of the hair with one of his arms, which in turn cancels the charging. This happens continuously, making it impossible to attack.

3. Avion will skip animations at times. He will be flapping his wings and the next second he will be gliding, with no smooth transition. This has made me fall off multiple times and just adds up to the frustration.

A video says more than a thousand words, heres one I recorded just an hour ago where you can see almost all of the problems listed above (I dont think avion animation cancels in the video). The framerate is terrible because my PC is trash and OBS made the game run horribly. I even had to speed up the video around 25% because the game was running at an almost constant 80% speed when recording, so sorry about that.

I cant post the complete link to the video, so here you go, thank you for understanding.

^If this is not allowed please notify me and I'll edit it.

I played the game on PCSX2 1.4.0 emulating from hardware and using the ROM

As a sidenote: I only managed to beat Avion on NTA and HTA because of constantly saving/loading with PCSX2. Otherwise I would have never been able to beat the game 100%. All other collossi worked properly and I could beat them without resorting to this bulls*** save/load. Regardless, I can sincerely guarantee that beating Avion by saving/loading on the version of the game I played is still harder than just beating him normally on a well functioning version of the game. And I know this since I remember how fighting Avion felt on the ps2.

If you can help me, sincere thanks. All sorts of information is welcomed. If you have any questions please ask.

User Info: funkadelius

1 year ago#2
Your issue may be in the cpu settings, so try fiddling with the clamping. Software emulation may also help, though it could bog your processor down.

A simpler solution would be to try setting the emulator's compatibility mode to that of your OS if you haven't already, but that probably won't help.

As for the image, you can do a checksum to see if it's corrupt or redownloading, because it is rather odd that you are having such a specific problem.
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User Info: spardaryuk

1 year ago#3
I tried everything you recommended but it made no difference. I'm sure it is either my pc or pcsx2 config and not the image that is causing these issues.

Still, thank you.
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