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  3. Well, this was ten wasted dollars

User Info: RocketJess

2 years ago#11
I found it very hard to emotionally engage with the game too. I'd previously played ICO, which I *did* find as a beautiful and deeply emotional experience, which might have been the reason I originally persevered with it. In any case, it was a weird experience where I felt so distant from Wander, disagreeing with his actions and motivations, feeling it was wrong to kill the colossi but having no choice if I wanted to see what happened in the story.

Interestingly, having stuck with the game long-term (again primarily because I loved ICO and the two games theoretically fit together), and imagined and embellished the backstory around it, I care more about Wander and Mono now. I'm hoping I'll get the same effect with The Last Guardian too, eventually...
RocketJess, blasting off again!
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User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

2 years ago#12
*leads mass protest outside Town Park Radio HQ*

What do we want?
Compelling reasons!
When do we want 'em?

Oscar See Through Red Eye.

User Info: BloodFalcon64

2 years ago#13
If you read my review you'd still have that ten dollars.

User Info: Kotomo

2 years ago#14
@BloodFalcon64 No one likes to waste ten seconds either.
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