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User Info: Starcomet

10 years ago#161
I need help in hard time attack mode for Gaius the knight colossus. They make it so hard for you to defeat him in 5 minutes.
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User Info: Aluevius_E

10 years ago#162
It is hard to beat him in time, I would recommend looking up a video on youtube to see exactly how to do it.

I did this the other day and the weak spot that was most difficult for me to take out was the one on it's arm but I found a method that is easier. Stay on it's other arm until it begins to lower it. It will move the arm with the weak spot up for a few seconds, go for it then. I found that easier than trying to hang off it and take it out, I kept running out of stamina and it's hard to get back onto a part of it where you won't fall off in time. You don't really have time to keep climbing back and forth and letting your stamina recharge.
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User Info: alainaiso

9 years ago#164
this is my tips to sucess the colossus 4 NTA/HTA launch

my time in HTA is 2:01:42 which is still pretty good

my launch succes is between 35 to 45% so I feel that I can give tips and advices

1:if you are not familiar with the launch do not make agro run at full speed...go at medium speed

2:pay close attention to his right legs (the back one)

3:when he will land his legs in ground you should be at 5 meter of him...increase agro speed and jump and grab the legs before he remove his legs again

4:pay close attention now to the other legs(the left one) ...when he will put his other legs in ground you should wait from 0.75 to 1. second then release the (charge(R1 + triangle and jump immediately after land ...if you can not see his left legs than pay ear when he will put his left leg in ground you will hear a "boom"

ps:the R1 + Triangle should be done after he land his left legs

5:after jump you will be in the upper part of the legs then jump to his right tail (pretty easy part) but sometimes we can fail

the most common blunder in people who just start the launch is jump imediately after the left legs landed...wait at least 0,75 second

my sucess is about 35% in a "pessimist view" but is more likely 45%

User Info: Punisher

9 years ago#165
ok. got it!
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User Info: dratsab

9 years ago#166
(message deleted)

User Info: Blabadon

8 years ago#168
I am betting this has already been posted here, but here's a dodge run video that works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMqRUFPEaJk

User Info: dratsab

8 years ago#169

From: B W M | Posted: 2/3/2011 9:30:45 AM | #167

Greg "dratsab" Huffman
Greg "dratsab" Huffman

User Info: ShoyuKun

8 years ago#170
Great guide! Thanks!
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