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User Info: Kassich

11 years ago#141

User Info: da_stabe

11 years ago#142
Unsure if this is known (pointless observation), but you can get Quadratus down on one of his back legs and jump from Agro onto his rocky tail thing, then climb up and onto the conveniently located rear vital. I think it can be done without hitting the leg too.

Might be usefull for time trial junkies (such as I am not)

User Info: TheNewOreon

11 years ago#143

User Info: Mirari_Acolyte

11 years ago#144
wut do you mean "launch" is there some kind of trick i missed my few times throught the game. It would be nice to know this trick since ive been stuck on hard time attack knight forever.
Well, you tried your hardest, and you failed miserably.
The lesson is: never try...

User Info: PeaksNpixi

11 years ago#145
im gonna go try out the 13th in HTA :?

User Info: TehDryoDino

11 years ago#146

Hey peaks good luck 13th in HTA is hard

User Info: BROTRR

11 years ago#147
Very nice Info.

User Info: brunoeldiablo

11 years ago#148
Any tips for #3 and #4 in HTA?
I have tried every way to Sunday to get these beasties, and they are killing me. I keep running out of time.
I've checked out the Youtube vids, read all the walkthroughs, and still Bupkis.
I cannot jump/launch from the sword of #3, nor can I jump onto #4.
The tried and true methods of getting them to do their thing, then getting on them in the normal way doesn't leave me enough time.
Heck, # 16 was miles easier than these two d-listers.

User Info: jokujokujoku

11 years ago#149
For #4:
When you start the battle, turn around and run on foot to the top of the farthest hill (the one nearest the chasm). When the colossus steps onto the opposite hill, drop down into the tunnel. From here you have two choices: wait at the tunnel entrance to climb up the colossus' dangly bits, or run through the tunnels to mount the colossus from behind. If you decide to climb up the dangly bits, be sure you stab the vital on the neck before attempting to take out the weakspot on the head. This strategy ensures the colossus bends over in the shortest amount of time possible.

User Info: brunoeldiablo

11 years ago#150
Thanks I'll definitely give that a try.
Got #3 last night. With seconds to spare.
I finally found a good tip, that actually explained clearly what had to be done.
(One that said do a, b, c and you're done, not 3 paragraphs of meandering with no real instruction, that seems to be common in the usual walkthroughs.)
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  3. The Colossus Help Topic 2.0 ***MASSIVE SPOILERS***
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