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User Info: LucidEarth

12 years ago#132
I remember losing a lot of sleep playing this when it was first released. I always loved the David and Goliath concept, and when I first found out about this game while it was in development I couldn't keep from thinking about it. After playing it, I can damn well say it was worth every cent. An instant classic for me. :)
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User Info: Hyper Knux522

Hyper Knux522
12 years ago#133
The only part of this game that keeps me entertained now are the flash arrows.
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User Info: bubblebuss

12 years ago#134

I really think my game is screwed up.

I can't get the queens sword. I've won all the time trials and beat the game 5 times on hard mode. The sword just won't show up.

User Info: Mookiethebold

12 years ago#135
From joku's "Time Attack Items" topic:

The "Glitch"
If you want all of the items in one mode of time-attack you must defeat all sixteen colossi in one playthrough. This means that if you beat the main story after beating some of the colossi that you will have to redefeat them on the next playthrough in order to get all of the items. For example: say you beat the first six colossi in NTA and got three items. Then you beat the main game because you wanted to see that fantastic ending again. Then you beat the next two colossi. You have now beaten eight colossi and should have received your fourth item, but it didn't appear. This is the "glitch" at work. In this situation you would have to re-defeat the first six colossi in order to get all of the items.

Here is the simple explanation of how the "glitch" works. In order to get an item you must beat the given number of colossi in time on that playthrough. The game does not register that you have beaten any colossi when you start a new game, even though there is still a checkmark next to the colossi you have defeated. So in order to get the Cloak of Deception, for example, you would have to beat fourteen colossi in time-attack on that playthrough no matter how many you had beaten in previous playthroughs (unless of course you already unlocked it).
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User Info: bubblebuss

12 years ago#136
great, 20 hours of my life wasted.

User Info: decoherance

12 years ago#137
I havnt looked at any of the FAQ's for this game the whole way through but number 16 was driving me insane!
I must have spent a good 5 hours trying to kill that mf and seriously thought about throwing my newly fixed ps2 out the window.
I've just swallowed my pride and checked this thread and had no idea you could shoot his shoulder with an arrow or stab his hands to keep them still! I was jumping onto his shoulder when he moves his hand up and round which meant falling to the ground 9 times out of 10.
Now I know how to do it I can finish this goddamn game at last!

User Info: natureboy847

12 years ago#138
^^ same thing happened to me on my first play through :P

User Info: Hareton

12 years ago#139
From Mookiethebold
@ Martin By chance, did you request a Gamespot mod to sticky this, seeing as how they can bypass the waiting process of GF? Just curious.

Nope. I just waited for the GFAQs mods to get around to it. No need to go through the trouble of logging into GS just to bother someone personally when GFAQs has a system in place.
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User Info: bugsey122

11 years ago#140
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  3. The Colossus Help Topic 2.0 ***MASSIVE SPOILERS***
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