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User Info: jokujokujoku

13 years ago#1
I wrote the following in an effort to reduce the number of repeat questions being asked on this board. This is a collection of answers to many of the frequently asked questions. I have tried my best to keep spoilers out of this. That said, the links under "TIME-ATTACK" are spoilers as is the link under "MORE INFORMATION". There will be about four posts of information so wait until I finish before posting.

RENT THIS GAME BEFORE BUYING IT. This game is not for everyone.

Listen to (read) what Dormin says after the intro. It is your tutorial. Read the manual (it's not hard, mostly pictures).

Colossus = singular
Colossi = plural
Think cactus. You would not believe how many people get this wrong.

Horse = Agro (not Argo, I don't care how much Wander's call sounds like it)
Main character = Wander (some call him The Wanderer, this is also correct)
Girl = Mono
The light/voice from above = Dormin

The only enemies you fight are the 16 colossi. There are no villages or people to interact with. You start with a bow and a sword. You get no new weapons as you progress.

The game is approximately 8-10 hours long for the first playthrough.
Replayability varies for each person. There is a hard mode which makes the colossi tougher (i.e, more weak points on some). There are also two time-attack modes. You can unlock various items through time-attack. Many people can complete the game in one rental and are glad they only rented it. Others, like myself, will enjoy this game for many years.

AGRO CONTROLS: (according to bahakitty's FAQ; revisions by neo_412)
Speed Up - press X
Maintain Top Speed - hold X
Mount/Dismount - triangle
Fast Mount - triangle + R1
Fast Start - when still quickly tap down & X
Fast Stop - when moving fast quickly tap down & X
Quick 180 - do the quick stop & while Agro is sliding tap down and X the same you would as the quick start
Stand - hold R1 and up on L-stick
Hang Off Side - R1 + any button + left/right on L-stick
Raise sword - hold O
Pet Agro - with no weapon equipped press O

Jump-stab: You can perform this by jumping and pressing R1+[] while in midair. This stab does about as much as a fully charged stab. The stab itself is much faster, but it takes much longer to pull the sword out.
Dive: Hold X while in mid-air over a swimmable body of water.

You are given the opportunity to save after every colossus you defeat. There are also save shrines scattered throughout the land. Each shrine has what looks like a glowing "door" on the south side of the structure. Stand next to it and pray (O) to save.

If you can't find any colossi then you did not read the second thing I said. PAY ATTENTION! Equip the sword when standing in sunlight and press O. Move the sword to focus the light. It will focus in the direction of the next colossus. If you still can't find it then keep trying.
If you need help fighting a colossus: listen to what Dormin says (if he gives you hints), you can focus the light with your sword to find the weakpoints. That is all the help I will give as far as the fights are concerned. Try to figure it out yourself. If you can't beat it, keep trying. If you still can't beat it, there is a reason why this site is called GameFAQs.

User Info: jokujokujoku

13 years ago#2
To play time-attack, beat the game once, load the completed game, pray (O) in front of the statues in the temple.
You must beat the times shown to get items. You get items for every two times you beat. You can be sure you beat a time if a checkmark appears over the colossus icon. After beating two of the times the items appear in the pool in the back of the temple. Press R1 (default) over the light to grab the item. Press start. Go to the menu titled "Items." Check the items you wish to use.
NTA items do not carry over to hard mode, nor HTA items to normal.
If you beat the game during NTA before getting all the items you must redefeat the colossi to get more items. If you beat 8 colossi in one playthrough then on your next you would have to beat 10 to get the next item.
Saving in time-attack works just like it does in a normal game.
If you need help beating a colossus in the time limit here are a series of videos by sniper_1263 that should help:
From some Japanese players:

There is no alternate ending. The ending was intentionally left open to interpretation. There is no definite answer as to what the ending means. Do not make a new topic to ask what it means without checking the dozens of other topics on the subject first.

FRUIT: Most trees have fruit within the branches. Shoot them down with an arrow. Walk over the fruit and press R1 to pick it up. Fruit increases your maximum health.
LIZARDS: There are two kinds of lizard: white-tailed and black-tailed. The ones with black tails appear all over. They can be killed with arrows or your sword. When killed they leave behind a tail which can be picked up and eaten by pressing R1 while standing over it. White tails will increase your maximum stamina. White-tailed lizards appear alone in various places throughout the land. There is at least one at every save shrine. Lizards can not be "surfed."
TURTLES: Turtles can be found several places and are usually near water. They can not be killed. Running over them will cause Wander to trip.
HAWKS: Hawks are everywhere. They often fly low above you when you ride Agro through open spaces. Grab onto a hawk by pressing R1 when near one. When the hawk is flapping its wings tap R1 to "hump" it allowing it rise higher. Hawk "humping" was removed for the PAL version. Hawks can be killed with arrows.
DOVES: Doves can be found in the two forests as well as a few other isolated locations. They can be ridden and "humped" just like hawks. They also appear in the main temple. One dove appears there for every colossus killed. Doves can be killed with arrows or your sword.
FISH: The fish are only found in two ponds. One is in area C3, the other is in area G6. Grab them by pressing R1 when near them. They can be killed with arrows.
EELS: Found in the same pond as the fish in area G6. They can be grabbed by pressing R1. They can be killed with arrows.
DEER: Can not be found in gameplay.
SQUIRREL: Can not be found in gameplay. PAL version only.

User Info: jokujokujoku

13 years ago#3
To get to it follow the temple climbing FAQ. It is for the demo so there are some differences in what is at the top. Everything else works though.
Here's a video:
For the PAL version the vertical-angle-jump glitch does not work and the resting spot was removed. It will take 3-4 playthroughs to gain enough stamina to reach the garden.

There isn't one. This was confirmed by the game's creator, Ueda.

Shadow of the Colossus was created by a team headed by Fumito Ueda. It is their second project. The first was ICO. It was released about one year after the PS2 launch. The game focuses much more on puzzles. There is only one boss and many smaller enemies. The gameplay as you can see is far different than SotC. The two games feature similar design and art direction and have many common themes. This is the reason why many who play SotC also enjoy ICO. One of the common themes (curses) has prompted many to conclude that SotC is a prequel, maybe a sequel, to ICO. Ueda has stated that SotC is not a sequel but rather a "spiritual successor".

There are videos showing some "real-life colossi." This is a viral marketing campaign by Sony. They are not real. They are also quite old. Do not post about your "new" discovery. We have all seen it before. Here are some links if you haven't seen them:

http://frank05.critter.net/valentine_sotc.png (not exactly funny, but cute as Hell)

The characters in the game do not speak English; not because they didn't hire English voice actors, but because the language is fictional and has the same effect on all people. It is based on the heavy Romanization of Japanese. Basically, they put Japanese into the Latin alphabet and modified it from there. English is not spoken at all in the game. If you think you heard something in English then you are mistaken.

User Info: jokujokujoku

13 years ago#4
If you return to a defeated colossus you will find their body. When you pray (O) at the corpse you can enter Reminiscence mode in which you refight the colossus with a grainy filter over the screen. You get no benefit other than practice or fun.

The original translation of SotC from the Japanese "Wanda to Kyouzo" was "Wanda and the Colossus". This was a bad translation. Wanda is Japanese for Wander or wonder. Hence the actual translation would be "Wander and the Colossus" (well, literally "Wander and the Large Image"). It is mere coincidence that Wanda is a name in English. So who is Wanda? Wanda is Wander.

NICO is the original name for SotC. It is a pun involving the Japanese word for two "ni" and ICO. It implies that NICO is the "second ICO". A NICO DVD was released in Japan with SotC. It includes development videos and other stuff. The original concept video was also called NICO. You can find it here:

1). The Minotaur "Valus" [Minotaurus Colossus]
2). Taurus Major "Quadratus" [Taurus Magnus]
3). Earth Knight "Gaius" [Terrestris Veritas]
4). Equus Prime "Phaedra" [Equus Bellator Apex]
5). Delta Phoenix "Avion" [Avis Praeda]
6). The Goliath "Barba" [Belua Maximus]
7). Sea Dragon "Hydrus" [Draco Marinus]
8). Wall Shadow "Kuromori" [Parietinae Umbra]
9). Storm Echo "Basaran" [Nimbus Recanto]
10). Sand Tiger "Dirge" [Harena Tigris]
11). Flame Guardian "Celosia" [Ignis Excubitor]
12). Great Basilisk "Pelagia" [Permagnus Pistrix]
13). Trail Drifter "Phalanx" [Aeris Velivolus]
14). Destruction Luster "Cenobia" [Clades Candor]
15). The Sentinel "Argus" [Praesidium Vigilo]
16). Grand Gigas "Malus" [Grandis Supernus]
[Source: a Japanese magazine]

User Info: jokujokujoku

13 years ago#5
Composed by Kow Otani
Track 00 - Wander and the Colossus
Track 01 - Prologue ~To the Ancient Land~
Track 02 - Wander and the Colossus ~Roar of the Earth~
Track 03 - Commandment
Track 04 - Black Blood
Track 05 - Resurrection
Track 06 - Sign of the Colossus
Track 07 - Grotesque Figures ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 08 - The Opened Way ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 09 - The End of the Battle
Track 10 - Idol Collapse
Track 11 - Green Hills
Track 12 - A Violent Encounter ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 13 - Revived Power ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 14 - Lakeside
Track 15 - Silence ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 16 - In Awe of the Power ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 17 - Wander's Death
Track 18 - The Farthest Land
Track 19 - Creeping Shadow ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 20 - A Messenger From Behind ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 21 - Counterattack ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 22 - Sky Burial
Track 23 - Closed-off City
Track 24 - Liberated Guardian ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 25 - A Despair-filled Farewell ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 26 - Prayer
Track 27 - Swift Horse
Track 28 - Gate Watcher of the Castle Ruins ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 29 - Sanctuary
Track 30 - Demise of the Ritual ~Battle With the Colossus~
Track 31 - A Pursuer
Track 32 - Premonition of Revival
Track 33 - Epilogue ~Those Who Remain~
Track 34 - Hope
Track 35 - The Sunlit Earth
Track 36 - Memories
Track 37 - Wilderness
Track 38 - Voice of the Earth
Track 39 - Marshlands
Track 40 - Anger
Track 41 - Final Battle
Track 42 - The Farthest Land (Reprise)

There are currently no plans to release the soundtrack anywhere outside of Asia. You can import it from here:

If you need a picture of anything related to this game check here before asking:

Here is the most recent information regarding a sequel:
Such a cool idea probably already has a follow-up in the works, right? Certainly in the U.S. you can't create a hit game without publishers instantly demanding a sequel. But that's not happening to Ueda and Kaido. They haven't started on a Colossus sequel, and Ueda said, "Personally I don't think that's going to happen."

"I always want to challenge myself," Ueda elaborated. He agreed that he could probably make a sequel that would be superior to the first one, but he wasn't interested in repeating his efforts. Similarly, the pair has no intention of returning to ICO. "When you're young you should challenge yourself to create new material," Ueda explained.

[source: http://ps2.gamespy.com/playstation-2/ico-ii/688379p4.html]

The following is a site that has some more specific information. Be warned: the site contains many spoilers.

There it is. Feel free to make any additions or corrections, but keep it spoiler-free. Thanks to the people who contributed to the making of this.

User Info: lovable_lombax

13 years ago#6
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User Info: jokujokujoku

13 years ago#7
If you're referring to the one that wasn't stickied, then almost. I made some minor revisions. But I had to repost it because the other one was lost.

User Info: Ryu_Kaze

13 years ago#8
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User Info: jokujokujoku

13 years ago#9
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User Info: semistupid

13 years ago#10
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