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  3. is items enchantments affected by level?

User Info: prpvortex

4 months ago#1
i got raiment of crimson scar is its enchantments affected by level?

User Info: Slakr

4 months ago#2
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User Info: prpvortex

4 months ago#3
Slakr posted...

Thank you so much!

User Info: lonewolf1264

4 months ago#4
Some things are lvl'd, however stuff you create yourself, is based on your spell casting, doomstone birthsign, and racial abilities. And so even very powerful things can be created at low lvls.
This is especially true if you cheat, which is a personal choice of course. Also some fairly powerful items can be acquired at low lvl by following some questlines.
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User Info: Prince_Hircine

4 weeks ago#5
Also, items do NOT level with you.

So if you get a sword at say, level 10, don't come back here at level 46 saying "y is my sord bad it sed it leveled"...

Iirc, quest reward leveled items are determined when you first accept the quest. So if you start a quest at level 5 but don't finish it until level 50, you'll still get the crappy level 5 reward.
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User Info: Bowhunter2525

4 weeks ago#6
Leveled Items are not determined until they are given to you. Case in point, Chillrend from fighting the Odil farm goblins. You can fight/beat the goblins at level one and then come back and talk to the father at level 25 to get the best version of the sword.
There are a few items that are misprogrammed, so you get a higher level version in the middle of the series. A fighter's guild ring is that way.
The deadric shrine items are not leveled, but their power fits in with the leveling system (monsters) so it is best to get them as soon as the quests become available.
There are three super weapons fairly easily obtainable at level 1 (Honorblade sword, Frostwyrm bow, and Calliben's Grim Retort mace) that are more or less elven (level 11). IMO, these are in the game for people who want to play at maximum difficulty. It is almost impossible to play a non mage at max without them.
The Hatreds Weapons (the bow and mace from Oblivion world #2) are unique in that not only are they the most powerful weapons for their level, but you can get upgrades every 4-5 levels (and multiples) by opening new Oblivion worlds #2 (not just the Chorrol gate) the highest level for these is level 19.
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  3. is items enchantments affected by level?