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User Info: jbones31874

11 years ago#1
I've been in jail for like 228000+ days for having a couple million septim bounty
and its now day 228028.
However i think that's the max day limit. When the game trys to go on to the next day, it can't and time freezes at 12am or pm. Your save file will say its day 0. Then the sky turns white and or orange, bad enough so you can't see a thing
Is it possible to use the console to revert the day to day 1000 or so?
I managed to revert the day back at 228028, but revert back one day constantly is annoying.

User Info: EinDose

11 years ago#2
Wow. You successfully managed to get jailed past the apocalypse. I'm impressed.
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User Info: ShadyZX

11 years ago#3
You must of Nuked Tameriel to get that many days in jail, and now the ozone layer is gone, GG
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User Info: GreatDrake

11 years ago#4
thats 624.65753424657534246575342465753 years
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User Info: Billy_Bob_Joe

11 years ago#5
Congratulations, you lived to witness the end of the world
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User Info: jbones31874

11 years ago#6
More Details

The Year is like 3E 1054
Time time is stuck at 12am
Even if you sleep/rest the time will still remain at 12am. (For example: if its 10:54pm, and you rest 4 hours it will turn to 11:54pm, then to 12am, and 12am again)
Once you go outside, the it the clock will attempt to change, but for some odd reason it can't and the time will be 12:-216739(bunch of random numbers)..
then the sky turns either completely white or orange black, and you can barely see
(I assume it does this because it does not know the time of day to change the sky animation, therefore goes haywire)
however, interiors are not effected

I am sure this problem is caused by the timer trying to pass 12am when the game is not allowing it because my other saved games are unaffected and is like only on day 100 at most.

i've tried using the console to modpcstatusmenu in an attempt to subtract the days from where it says days passed, but it only provides an extra day (in game) of game time. What it did was allow me to change the day # on my save file from day 0 to day 228028. However, inevitability the game will attempt to go to the next day and then i am back to where i am: Day 0,12 am, and then the sky goes haywire.

Is there a console code that lets me set the time of day to any time i desire? I know i can speed the rate time changes, but it still gets stuck at 12am.

User Info: jbones31874

11 years ago#7
I can try to throw myself back into jail and see if it will let me by pass the day limit. However in order for me to get into jail i have to deactivate a mod, which i rather not do if the console can fix it.

I don't have a save that i can revert to because after those days in jail, I continued on in the game for about a couple more months (in game time) and all of a sudden this happened. Also all those days in jail wasn't for one arrest, they were from about 8 arrest, and after the first few arrest (especially after it passed year 999) i assumed jail time had no effect beside loss of skills and safely kept on playing and saving over my saves prior to those long prison sentences.

User Info: zbuN

11 years ago#8
How did you even get that bounty? >_>

User Info: bobcake

11 years ago#9
try typing "set gamedayspast to 100" (without the quotes) into the console.

User Info: Obsessed117

11 years ago#10
Im gonna try this one day...

How did you get that much bounty??
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