Oblivion Useful Links Topic, if you're new to Oblivion be sure to read through!

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User Info: Freyon

10 years ago#1
Since Peter_Eater's topic has the word "noob" in the title and that's causing people to complain, I decided to create a new topic without the word "noob" in the title, also because that way most of the links would be in the first post.

To the links then...

To unpack mods use one of the following:
WinRAR (avaliable in multiple languages)


7-zip (English Only)

Both will work with unpacking .rar and .7z


Elder Scrolls Site


Patches for Oblivion


Elder Scrolls official forums


Construction Set Wiki (for anyone who wants to learn to use the CS)


CS Wiki page about mods (includes how to install, if you're not familiar with modding read it)


Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (lots of TES information)


Information on soul gems and enchanting


Sites containing Oblivion mods


Planet Elder Scrolls (Explanation on how to download on the next post)

Guides to tweaking Oblivion


Sites with information on Oblivion


Equipment Database (Vanilla only)


Spells Database (Vanilla only)


Site about textures



Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)


Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE)


Incremental Saver (makes a new normal save for each autosave or quicksave to avoid save corruption)


BSA Extracting/Browsing Utility


Performance Mods (All Strongly Recommended!)

Operation Optimization


Low Poly Grass


Streamline (needs OBSE)


Oldblivion (only for those with very old PCs who don't mind sacrifying graphics just to play Oblivion)


Miscellaneous Mods

Poisoned Apple Cure Mod:


Unofficial Oblivion Patch (Strongly Recommended!)


Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch v1.0.0


Unofficial Official Mod Patch v6 (This fixes the so called Official Plugins)


Custom Race Fix (use this if you intend to use a custom race and do not intend to use the unofficial oblivion patch)


For anything else there is:


User Info: Freyon

10 years ago#2
1st things 1st:

Downloading mods on Fileplanet: its free, you pay if you want...
1st register, then log in, click the link to the mod you want to download, wait for the page to load, the 1st mirrors are for premium accounts, the last 2 are for free users, just click Download Now and and there you go

Downloading from TESSource: free too
1st register and then log in, click the download link and voila, really simple.

FAQ and guide to some common problems

How well will my computer run Oblivion?
I suggest you create a new topic asking this question, don't forget to post your specs, you can view then by going to Start, Run..., type: dxdiag, Under the System tab, write down Operating System, Processor, Memory, then go to Display tab and write down the device name and Approx. Total Memory.
Post it and wait till someone with experience comes to answer you.
AND REMEMBER! be POLITE and check your GRAMMAR, or people might refuse help you!

Where are the game saves stored?
My Documents/My Games/Oblivion
When you install Oblivion it automatically creates a new folder on the path specified, the saves are there.

Where can I store my loot without risk of it disappearing?
Any house you buy should be safe to store your stuff, since the containers inside them never respawns.

Which order should I patch Oblivion when installing Shivering Isles?
First Install Oblivion, then Shivering Isles, then install the Shivering Isles Patch.

I have a mod using the Meshes/Textures Folder and want to install a new one that also uses those folders, is it ok to overwrite?
Yes, you're not overwriting the Folder itself, but the content inside those folders and subsequent folder, unless the new content has the same name as the old one, nothing will be overwritten.

Can't Uninstall
Right Click on the dvd drive (usually D: drive), choose explore, run setup.exe

Oblivion crashes for no apparent reason and I'm not using mods
There is a chance that .ini file has been corrupted somehow, simply delete the on in My Documents/My Games/Oblivion and the game will make a new one, you might have to set again the settings however.

The mod says to place the items in the Meshes/Textures folder but I don't have those folders
Go to the Data folder and create a new folder and name it Meshes or Textures, if it asks for a folder inside these make another new folder and place the stuff in it.

(Something) in my game appears purple or (Something) in my game appears as a big <!> mark
The purple (Something) is related to the Textures, you probably installed some mod that required new Textures, The big <!> mark is related to the Meshes folder, just move the Meshes/Textures to the appropriate folder and voila!

My animations are weird, what's happening?
If you've played for 200+ hours, things like that could happen, look for a program in google named Oblivion Animation Fixer

One of my quests is Glitched!
I won't tell you how to fix every single quest, but usually such a thing can be prevented using the Unofficial Oblivion Patch (link is above)

Those are all the Questions I can think of at the moments, if you have anything else to add please do.

Kudos to Peter_Eater for the initiative, if you ever show up here I'm afraid I'll have to shoot you again :P don't worry I have plenty medipacks.

User Info: Chaosinferno825

10 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: wafullito

10 years ago#4
^ i didnt get that last post

whos talking down to anybody>>>???
w00t ^_^

User Info: Peter_Eater

10 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Freyon

10 years ago#6
Here's hoping for a topic with less confusion, more hits, although most of the people are lazy and will not even bother to read through and we'll probably get a sticky the day Bethsoft releases TES 5 which will probably sacrifice light and heavy armor, converting it into simply armor skill in exchange to better graphics, more shallowness, even more rig power.

User Info: Lucyde_Elaiden

10 years ago#7
Very nice. Sticky it!
Official Zergling of the Starcraft 2 board.Hell, it is about time.

User Info: RageTheSage

10 years ago#8
I agree with the spirit of this topic, but I know that while it is still on the first page we will see multiple posts from new players that simply want an answer without much effort on their part...heck how many questions here can be answered with a referral to the 'FAQs & Guides' section here at GameFAQs.

I just counted and I have 13 Oblivion related Favorites(although 5 are Modding Help), and most of them are covered in this list in one form or another. [thumbs up]
I am not touching government secrets with a 10 foot pole. Not after last time. -OTR

User Info: Freyon

10 years ago#9
*Shoots Peter_Eater, then proceed to throw in a medipack*

User Info: Xeno_Predator

10 years ago#10
Heya Freyon! Very nice help topic. However, as you have said, 'those people' will not go through it as they are too lazy to actually do something for themselves. Now before I get flamed:

Useful tip: press Ctrl + F then type in a key word while browsing this page. This will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Oh, and please do not post "OMGWTF IM TO LAZY 4 DAT LOOLLOL" since that will actually prove the aforementioned point.

And hullo Peter! I was gone for quite some time but I'm very much alive :D

Hey Freyon... *chucks napalm grenade at Freyon's face* Pete says hi!
Anonymity breeds stupidity AND ignorance
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