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User Info: dotsnacker

10 years ago#1
First of all, this is a trick I just discovered. I don't know if this has ever been discovered before(knowing GameFaqs, it probably has been,) but regardless, I thought this was a pretty neat discovery that deserved to be mentioned just in case. As for how I discovered it... well, this guy right here gave me the idea:


Basically, he talks about entering into a battle with the Dagol Tortoise, stealing the VIP Badge from it, then using the Flee Ball. Then he goes one screen away, then comes back and encounters it again to steal a second badge(since he didn't kill it before, the Dagol Tortoise is still there.) It worked for me.

So basically I thought, "what if this can work in a similar way for the Tsuchinoko?" So, I tried it. I got into a battle with it, used a Cure Drop, and then checked my inventory after the little sparkly thing that comes out of the Tsuchinoko touched Jack. I checked to see if it updated my Tsuchinoko Dumpling count. It did, however, when I used the Flee Ball immediately afterward, the Tsuchinoko was faster at running away and the game forced it to the victory screen.

Then I thought, "what if I wait until the little sparkling item thing is about midway in the air and THEN use the Flee Ball?" So I did, and it worked! I ran away, left the screen, and came back and it was there.

Simply put, no having to sleep for 10 days then finding it. With a stack of 99 Flee Balls and 99 Cure Drops, you can get them all in a relatively short time as long as you don't mess up. Also, it's a lot easier to do this without any team members with you, since they try to kill it and it messes the whole thing up. Anyways, to break it down, it's like this:

1. Buy 99 Flee Balls and Cure Drops.

2. Get rid of any team members in your current party, as they only get in the way.

3. Find the Tsuchinoko and enter into battle against it.

4. Use a Cure Drop on the Tsuchinoko. After the Cure Drop cures the Tsuchinoko, watch it closely. A the little sparkly thing will come out of it. Once it's about midway into the air, use a Flee Ball. I don't know how early you're allowed to use the Flee Ball, but if you're too late the Tsuchinoko will run away, causing the victory screen to appear, which means you have to wait 10 more days.

5. Exit the screen and re-enter. It should be back in the spot it was in before. Also, make sure to check that your Tsuchinoko Dumpling count is going up on occasion. It should be as long as the sparkly thing is touching Jack just as he uses the Flee Ball.

Basically, as long as the victory screen doesn't come up, it'll keep respawning in the same spot and giving you Tsuchinoko Dumpling's. Pretty useful, and it's probably good idea to note that finding it in an area where you don't have to walk very far is preferred. Trust me, I'm getting annoyed with the one by the Crocogator. >_<

User Info: ZeroJinKui

10 years ago#2
well, i wish i had known about these little tricks earlier...

...but knowing my luck, i'd most likely mess up on the tsuchinoko one everytime, im not good at timing things like that.
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User Info: dotsnacker

10 years ago#3
It's actually very easy. It's just knowing WHEN to use the Flee Ball that can be a little bit of a problem... but the timing itself is actually no problem once you know when that is.

My advice is to use the Cure Drop, and then look at it's animation. It'll stop completely, then kind of do this thing where it'll open up it's mouth and then the sparkly thing will come out. The sparkly thing will go straight up into the air at first, then start coming toward you. And, if you're close enough to the Tsuchinoko(like standing right next to it or just a little distance from it,) you can use the Flee Ball once you can visibly see the sparkly thing, because the animation for using the Flee Ball can take a little bit and the sparkly will touch Jack before he's done with the animation. If anything, it's better to use the Flee Ball too early and waste a Cure Drop and Flee Ball(since you can always re-fight the Tsuchinoko again, as long as the victory screen doesn't come up.) But once you know how this trick works, it's pretty hard to mess up. So far I've collected 50 Tsuchinoko Dumplings, and only messed up about 3 times... all of which were because I used the Flee Ball too early, lol. ^_^

For anyone else attempting this, I suggest saving, then finding the Tsuchinoko in the same game day. Then re-load your game then go directly to the Tsuchinoko was when you last saved. That way you can find it faster and save some time, since it can potentially move to another location at midnight.

User Info: CloudSith5060

10 years ago#4
Awesome find, man.
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User Info: dotsnacker

10 years ago#5
Thanks. I'm rather glad I found out about it myself. 99 Dumplings now. It'll make New Game+ easier on me, for things like beating some people before I'm suppose to. In particular, I'm interested in getting the training missions done as early as possible(mission 19 for any weapon being the best place to level Jack early in the game.) Natalie made it rather difficult to do that in this current play through, I had to wait a while before I could barely beat her. I was lucky enough to get the Glory Blade immediately though. She is HARD to beat early on. XD

User Info: Hito_Shura

10 years ago#6
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