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User Info: 1970superbird

13 years ago#1
i give it 8/10 ....
-too much trafic
-cant do burnouts
-camaras are kinda bad

besides that really good :S

User Info: zero42g

13 years ago#2
I agree with 8/10. Minor flaws and it could use more polish here and there, but it's fun from beginning to end and then some. I *really* miss Stunt Wings and Stunt Scoring. I remember in the first few games in this series (N64), you could tell the programmers/developers had fun making it, and it was really fun to play and replay a million times. This one is very rigid in comparison. It was like they were trying to be too much like the other driving games out at the time, sacrificing the 'fun' edge they had. I just hope there's another one at some point and that they go back to what they had, fusing it with what they can do now with newer technology.
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