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User Info: Duthos

9 years ago#1
So, just figured I would try this out since I like strategy games, but wow, am I getting ass kicked.

I had to save and load no less than twenty times to finish the second map on the conquest campaign. I had to leave about 50 archers on the Grey's wall to stem the siege, and used the time until the timer ran out to build walls, towers, burning logs, everything I could muster on the east part of my turf where, thanks to prior ass-kickings, I knew they would come from as soon as all other objectives were cleared. Third try I weathered the assault.

So map three, I get about a hundred troops. 70 pikeman, a dozen archers, ten swording monks and 4 catapults. As I am taking stock a huge flaming arrow flys through my ranks and with its no less than 8 pikemen go flying. My first attemp on this map I had three melee chars alive by time I took aout the first two balista and thir guard of I think 8 axe guys.

Thier 10 guys killed more than 60. Even after multiple restarts and attempts at getting to them balista the best I could do was only losing 35 pikemen. But I could stave off the attacks easily enough (defense is OP in this game it seems) with raining rocks and arrows and melee stalling any survivors. The castle I need to get to, with only those troops, has two wooden walls and 5 fire balista.

If I get any troops too clos to the walls the axemen on them decimate my troops. My archers have more range but the balista outranges them. The balista also outrange my catapults, and any attempts to rush have been disasterous as the balista kill anything of mine that may threaten the axemen, and the axemen kill anything that comes within range.

How in the hell am I supposed to finish this? I am pretty good at chess, I had figured strategy would translate, but I admit that I think I am beat here.
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User Info: SkirataKal

9 years ago#2
Um I am not sure if Chess skills translate over to Stronghold Skills lol
But I would Recommend playing peace mode so you can get the basic understanding of building a castle then try to do more matches
Just a thought
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Started 3-22-10 5:13 P.M.
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