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User Info: David Cheng

David Cheng
10 years ago#1
I need to rebuild a ruined castle in peaceful campaign. I built lots of stone mines & other buildings but they keep burning after like ten seconds. How to destroy the fire? At last I accumulated some stones stocks but how can I move them to the ruined castle? I built a carter each in both territories but it did nothing. What shall I do to beat this mission?
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User Info: darkdood333

10 years ago#2

you need to biuld water wells averywhere! i hated the fires but after you biuld the wells everything should be under control. when you biuld carters posts click on the and select the material and how much you want to be delivered to the estate. then click on any biulding on the other estate to start carting.when the stone is delivered to the estate in which the ruined castle is the monks will automaticly start taking the stone one by one and rebuild the castle. hope i made enough sense. :) good luck!

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