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User Info: HETT

12 years ago#1
I had only a little problem installing Sacred and Sacred Underground on Windows Vista Business (64 bit). Here's how I did it:

I downloaded the Sacred Underworld / Gold ver 2.28 patch from here:

Sacred Underworld / Gold ver 2.28 - Sacred/Sacred Underworld Official International Forum

The download for the file, Sacred_UW_Gold_2.28_eng_enu.exe, was 46.6MB for me.

After I downloaded the file to my Downloads folder, I did this stuff:

I uninstalled the Sacred program I had previously installed that wasn't working, from Start > Control Panel Home > Programs > Uninstall a program.

Then I went to Start > Control Panel Classic View > AutoPlay and changed the action in Software and games to "Take no action".

I closed everything up and inserted the Sacred CD1 in my optical drive, then went to Start > Computer, then right clicked on the drive with the Sacred CD in it and selected "Install or run this program". I followed the prompts when it asked for CD2, then CD1, again.

Then I inserted the Sacred Underworld CD1 and did the same thing. I used the option to install all of Underworld, instead of overwriting the original Sacred.

Then I went to my Downloads folder and right clicked on the Sacred_UW_Gold_2.28_eng_enu.exe file, selected "Run as administrator", and let it do it's thing.

After that, I took the game CD out of the optical drive and started Sacred Underworld from the Desktop shortcut! That's right, no CD! :)

You'll need the CD keys to access the online playing servers, but you don't need them to play a single player game. At least the game hasn't asked me for it yet.

After playing the game for a while, I quit the game, then went back into the AutoPlay category and changed the "Take no action" back to "Install or run the program". So far, no problem playing the game afterwards.
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