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User Info: yellow_elevator

6 years ago#1
Hey all!

I've survived for 15 days and I am up to the part where you need to bring Skye across the Lake. Things are going well so far but I have some questions that I can't find the answer to:

1) What happens when you get a good or bad ending, at the very end of the game? Can I quicksave before to try all of the endings out? Will I get a chance to keep my file as it is after I've finished it?

2) How do you use small traps? I put a couple outside the beach cave, but they were gone after a day. I checked them constantly and got nothing. Then they just disappeared. What gives? It was such a waste of bamboo!

3) I have the drum and one bottle, but when do I get more bottles? I keep checking where Keith washed ashore but theres nothing. I hope it comes around after a few more days.

4) How do i fill the recipe part of the scrapbook as Keith? Or is that only done on Skye mode? What happens to my scrapbook if I want to make another file as Keith?

Sorry for my giant list but resources for this game are scant.


User Info: Keaton64

6 years ago#2
Oh man, never thought I'd get to post here again, it's been a barren wasteland for so long, and I beat Raine as the first responder (if you ever see this, sorry Raine).

1) Yes, you can save before trying each ending, but I would only quick save after agreeing with Skye to escape (keeping your main save before you agree to leave). I can't remember if you can "undo" the final conversation before you make your final journey. Your file will be fine after the ending, it just lets you load your last saves, regular or quick save.

2) You just place small traps on the ground and check them over and over again. I don't think you will find small animals on the beach, try the grasslands and the jungle. They were amazing sources of food in LiB 2, terrible in LiB 3, and I can't remember how well they work here, I never used them since fishing is far superior for food in this one.

3) You have to keep checking the beach for more bottles, it's the only way to get more.

4) Recipes can only be entered into the scrapbook in Skye mode, and they will remain even if you delete your Skye file and start a second Keith file.

An easy way to beat Skye mode is to stare at the ground all day. Time passes, but your meters never go down. It might work in Keith mode too, but it's pointless since you need to explore the island as Keith, whereas Skye just sits around all day. Plus it helps when Keith just brings home a carrot and a coconut for dinner.
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