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User Info: Minarinaga

6 years ago#1
I thought I'd post and share the harder ones. Maybe I'll make a guide with all of the fish and recipes if I feel up to it. This is where I found the fish, so I'm sorry to say I'm not sure of all of the places to find them. But I'm thinking they "hid" the fish in distinct places

Arowana-To the left of the stepping stones outside the waterfall (that leads to the jungle/grasslands cross roads)

Stingfish- Near the rocks on the far left side of the second beach.

Sea Bream -Beach across the river at very low tide.

File Fish- Below Skye's lifeboat.

Rock Bream - Across that rock you have to pass at low tide on the second beach; the one to get the bamboo lot. Fish there.'

Flat Fish- the last one I caught. I'm assuming it's rare. Between the middle /far side of the second beach (the one across the river) at low tide.

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User Info: Rainmaker59

6 years ago#2
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