Energy Drain Missiles?

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User Info: skrillamatic88

7 years ago#1
I'm on the final level and this boss with his ridiculously high EN is giving me a hard time. I read in one guide to use EN drain missiles, then hit him with everything; which brings me to my question, where are these missiles? I've read through all the guides and can't find any information on these missiles. Help? :)

User Info: RockmanDX3

7 years ago#2

They're called EN Taker, or something similar.

They also come in handy when fighting Valsion in OG1.

User Info: red255

7 years ago#3
....En drain are useful in OG1.

In OG2 not so much because every boss has Special weapon block.

and if you are going to go and get around that with FURY you might as well just use the Wildwurger L's stun shot.

In OG2, your way to kill bosses and break thru their shields is basically using combination attacks like the SRX + R gun's HTB cannon. the Ryusei has Zeal so you can just keep firing that thing. and come the 'final' boss you got Alfimi with 160 SP and 40 SP enable for 4 more shots, and of course latooni, Ring, Radha, and Lefina (hope to alfimi then enable) for MORE shots, using Aya's renew when you run low on EN.

having Leona using FURY + Armor breaker makes that go a bit quicker. you bypass the warp field using the combo attacks so its not really required to get rid of the en.
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