the srw anime spoilers

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User Info: Guol

7 years ago#1

so i just saw the episode of the new anime where the alt is taken out, but the disappoiting thing is, it was taken out by axle in the ash saber and not the soul gain, they should have kept that part of the story the same,man that a terrible way for the alt to go... i do like thereplacement of angel with vysaiga though, thoughts?

User Info: SolGravion

7 years ago#2
I've got no problem with Axel kicking Kyousuke's ass with a Ashsaviour. Though the fight could have been much more even sided. I would have also preferred Alt's demise to have been more than Axel using "sword cut" and the Sword Breakers.

Soulgain/Alteisen probably would've looked just as silly as Ashsaviour/Vysaga did a few episodes prior.

User Info: Fencedude

7 years ago#3
Dude. We have a ****ing board for this stuff. USE IT. Stop making threads on the almost dead gameboard.

We're on our fourth thread for the show on the Super Robot board.
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User Info: red255

7 years ago#4
If the next one is called, because of his MO, the underwear bomber, you'll know I'm on to something. Calvin Trillin June 16, 2006.

User Info: Knux19

7 years ago#5
Don't be TOO hard on em', Fence.

...gotta have a little mercy for people who wanna take that junk (Divine Wars was just barely passable, but damn...Masami Obari of all people for Inspectors? Just....god, Banpresto, REALLY?).
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