tiger-dragon robot

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User Info: fighterx23

7 years ago#1
is there any reason to use the dragon one other then a little bit more range and i think its last attacks base attack is stronger then the tigers? i am not sure but the ammo/energy always threw my off from it and just made bullet use the tiger to decimate anything in its path and with a thruster/bio sensor he was able to solo any non healing boss by him self with out ever being hit. so is there even a reason to use the dragon?

User Info: Fencedude

7 years ago#2
It can actually hit things more than 3 squares away?

They're good for different things, while KRO is certainly better for charging into the battle, RKO is more versatile, and somewhat stronger.
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User Info: red255

7 years ago#3
Kyusha's side flies and has defensive support.
Bullet's side has all melee attacks, and double image.

Yes I normally use her as a SP battery and the dragon form, but her side isn't TERRIBLE. its certainly useful if you want a large piece of robot making sure Axel doesn't kill Kyosuke when you are grinding out levels using resupply command

its also got a MAP attack.
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