help with scenario 15

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User Info: fighterx23

7 years ago#1
well i beat them and was wondering when exactly do i get the items for doing it or did i miss out by not killing mekibos last? i killed him first then sikabolg then the girl.

User Info: redtide1962

7 years ago#2
Steel Soul, Hero's Mark, and Custom CPU parts, as well as Shishioh Blade and G-Impact Stake weapons

you get these at the end of the mission afaik, provided that you destroy them all, destroying Graterkin last.

User Info: fighterx23

7 years ago#3
dang that sucks i killed him first wasted so much time on that stage, oh well guess i should just move on ahead and work on gespy s and wild wurger L.

User Info: red255

7 years ago#4
To kill them, Aguilla is the hardest... because she basically requires you to use STRIKE, but she has the least SP.

If you gave Lefina some massive upgrades, SP regen and whatnot (second run thru, taking the moon route at first branch)

this should be cake. GRAVITY cannon the balls off her.

Sikalog should be whittled down by Villeta at range max with the graviton launcher or whatever that special gun is, cuz he's only got range like 5 or 6 and it shoots for 8 doesn't it?

and Mekibos is defeated simply by having Gilliam use Strike every turn and have the hiryuu kai use defensive support to keep him alive, as he damages the mech with his counter move.

you can speed it up, but thats the safest way to beat the trio without save/load abuse.
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